Thursday, August 27, 2015

27 Thoughts on My Mind During a Run

People seem to think that runners always have to have a lot of focus and that their mind's don't wander while they run. For some, I'm sure that's true. It's just not true for me.  Some runs I have more focus than others, but not all of them.  Here are 27 things that might be going through my mind during a non-focused run.

  1. Finally, I get to go running today. 
  2. It's been a long day. Gotta run the stress off now.
  3. This feels like a great pace. I can keep this pace the whole time.
  4. It's hotter than I thought it was out here, I hope I hydrated good enough.
  5. I wish I was fast enough to earn money for running. I wonder how fast I need to be exactly. Maybe I should look into that. I love running, I should make running my job. 
  6. This hill is the hardest part of my whole run. Make it up this huge hill and it'll be smooth sailing all the way.
  7. I should unlock my pepper spray now, just in case someone tries to jump out of that bush and attack me. Maybe I should roll play that just in case. 
  8. This hill is always bigger than I think.
  9. Just like a race now, Speed up the hill and just keep going. That'll syke out the other runners. They won't know what hit them. 
  10. Oh, good song. This will help me keep a pace for a little bit.
  11. Oh no, is that a dog? Please don't jump on me dog. I hope that owner is paying attention and holds on to their dog. I hate when dogs jump on me when I've got a good pace going. Oh good, they passed. 
  12. This is a fun run. I should do this run more often.  
  13. It's pretty hot out here. I wish someone had their sprinklers on. Or maybe a rain cloud would come over. 
  14. Not this song. Why do I even have this song. Skip!
  15. I really need to go through my music again. Skip
  16. Ok this one's good.
  17. Gotta speed it up a little bit. I slowed my pace too much after that hill.
  18. I wonder how many miles it would cut off to turn back here. I probably shouldn't though. Just keep going. More than half way done anyway.
  19. I might have to pee. I think I can hold it. Just ignore it. 
  20. Almost done. Then I'll have ice cream to reward myself. I should probably eat something better than ice cream. But ice cream is so good.
  21. Last mile and a half. That's super easy. I got this
  22. I'm going to slow down just a tad so I can make sure I have the energy to finish strong.
  23. This pace should be good for the rest. Only like a mile left. And half of that is down hill.
  24. That's a great sunset. I should stop and take a picture. Although I have about a thousand of that same picture. I'll just keep going.
  25. OK, let gravity take me down the hill. Just don't slap my feet...or fall. 
  26. Maybe this is the hardest part of the run. I need to speed up for the last stretch.
  27. Done! That wasn't so bad. Now where's that ice cream.

What is on your mind while you run?

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