Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Running Through Your Emotions

The other day I read a post about emotions effecting your running over on Hungry Runner Girl's blog. --I love her blog.  And her post came right in time for me. (Thanks Janae!)

Emotions effect my running as well. I'm pretty sure it effects everyone's running too.

When I'm happy, I'm having fun. I'm enjoying myself. I'm usually pushing myself much harder than usual.

When I'm mad I'm running faster. I run until I'm too tired to be mad anymore. Or until I've figured out what ever is making me mad and how to fix it.

When I'm calm I go on long, easy paced runs. I feel like I can go forever, and I'm usually in some sort of thinking process. I learn about myself on these runs. They are some of my favorite runs to take but they don't happen a lot. So I really try to enjoy them while I can. They also usually happen alone.

When I'm sad I really struggle with running. I feel like I have no energy to push myself. I feel like I can't make it another step and I usually have to talk myself in to going running in the first place.

The other day was this way for me.  My family is getting ready to say goodbye to a loved one. We are already in the process of mourning (or at least I am). I don't do well with death. I never have. And so when things like this happen, it takes a lot for me to process and get through it all.

I went on a run because I knew I couldn't let it control everything else in my life.  Running is my way to prove to myself I can keep going when things get tough. And even though I felt completely drained after going to see my grandpa for what may be the last time, I knew I needed to put my shoes on and get going anyway.

I felt really heavy running.  I felt like I couldn't take one more step.  But I kept taking those steps. And then at the top of the hill, Heavenly Father blessed me with this:

And even though I was a little ticked because they plowed this beautiful orchard down to build some more housing, (that will hopefully be houses with yards and not a ton more townhouses), I was reminded that there is still beauty around me. There is still love around me. Even though the going gets tough and life gets you down. You keep going because there's beauty somewhere in trial and heartache. 

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