Thursday, July 30, 2015

Recovery Run

Monday I went back to my pump class at Vasa. If you are looking for a good morning work out, Kara's pump class on Monday mornings at the University Vasa is great. I've been going to it for almost 3 years now. It's kind of why I always renew my gym pass.

After that class I was pretty sore on Tuesday though. It's been a couple of weeks since I've gone because I've been focusing so much on running.  So I knew Tuesday's run needed to be a slow recovery run.

Recovery runs for me mean that I avoid a lot of hills, some is fine but not too many. I go slow and I make it a long run. Around 5 miles is usually what I try to make my recovery runs.

The weather Tuesday was perfect for running. Seriously, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect running temp.

My average pace was about a 9 minute mile. Nice and easy. This is always hard for me. I have a really hard time knowing how slow I'm going. For that reason, I should learn not to use tracking devices on these runs. I had to remind myself several times that it was only a recovery run and I shouldn't be pushing it too much. 

Speaking of that, I love what Janea said that her friend told her the other day: 

"After I finished my sixth one I told my friend that I was pretty tired but that I still had another one in me.   She being the smart runner that she is, told me that when I feel like that it means that it is time to cool-down.  She talked to me about the importance of not digging too deep in my speed workouts especially since I have a race this Saturday.  Races are for giving it your all… speedwork is for giving a lot but not everything in the tank.  You should feel like you still have something to give at the end of your speedwork session.  If you give it all on the track or roads often during training then you will probably end up burned out or injured. "

It was a really great reminder for me because that is something that I have struggled with since high school. I remember thinking that if I gave everything during practice, I'd get better and I'd be faster and better at racing. NOPE. That's not how this works. You have to give yourself a break. You have to save some of that energy for the race. Oh, there are just so many things I wish I knew about running back then. 

I've been working on refueling myself a little better after runs.  A lot of times I'd forget to eat something or I'd just have something quick and mostly junky.  But there are some problems with that. I'm certainly not trying to lose weight, so not eating after a work out is not a good options. And junky food doesn't do anything good for your body.  So lately I've been loving strawberries with whipped cream on top. Whipped cream is really low in calories and it's super delicious on top of strawberries. 
Today I decided to try this new smoothy. I got a smoothy recipe book that I'll be doing a review on soon, but for now I'm sharing this smoothy.

Strawberries, Kiwi, O.J., and yogurt. Makes a pretty good strawberry kiwi smoothy. I honestly wasn't expecting it to taste all that great. And I don't love having to do dishes after a run, but it was a good and healthy snack. It is supposed to give me lots of protein, and help my immune system. It's also unsweetend.  

More on the whole book later though. 

What is your favorite snack after a work out?

What is your ideal temperature to run in?

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