Friday, July 3, 2015

Photography and A Book Review

Photography has always been something that I've loved.  The staging, framing, posing, lighting...all that stuff came easy to me. But I wanted to be stronger in knowing my camera.  So I took classes all through high school.  And I learned a lot, but to be honest, I forgot a lot after high school.

So when I found this book on Blogging for Books, it was an easy decision to get this book in exchange for an honest review.

I had mixed feelings about this book.  The few chapters were a lot of technical stuff. And while that was the stuff I needed to refresh on, I've never been a numbers person, and I've never been into the "gear talk" of it.  I use what camera works for me and I use it until I have to find a new one. That's the time that I do the gear research.  So for a beginner photographer, all the technical language can be confusing and even a little boring.

The middle was good information on how to work your camera off of Automatic mode.  So that's good to know, especially if photography is your thing. It goes over several different modes that your camera has and their functions.

The last chapters in this book were what I wanted though.  Depth of field (it's always been a fun photography subject to me), different techniques to get the right angle, composition, how to focus better with close ups....this is the stuff I love about photography. And of course the pictures that you get a the end of it all. Which, this book also has. Lots of fun pictures.

After reading through this book, it made me want to go through my portfolio since high school and find all my favorite pictures that I took all over again.  I couldn't find them all, and a lot of them were film, not digital, but it's always fun to find favorite pictures.

I loved to do still life and landscape pictures. So I mostly did that until I graduated from high school and got a job as a photographer at Kiddie Kandids.  After 3 years of that, I quit and continued my own photography business on the side. But after having my girls, I found that what I craved most from photography was the landscape again.  I love children's photography, and sometimes still do it, but it just doesn't give me the same feeling as going out in nature and taking as many pictures as I can.

I used to go out any time of day, and in any weather, to take some pictures.  It was almost as therapeutic as running for me. It was time that I was almost always on my own in the quiet.  Just me and my camera and what ever thoughts I was working through at the time.

Now that I'm a mom, it's hard to find the time to go out and do that any time I want. But I still try to find the opportunity, time and place for pictures. Especially on vacation. I've taken pictures of just about everything around Utah County, so traveling gives me a whole, exciting new view.

I sold my pictures for a little while on Etsy, but never had much success (probably mostly due to the lack of business knowledge) And I've sold a few here and there. I considered making a calendar one time but gave up because I didn't know if there were many hoops I'd have to jump through.

So photography has gone back to being mostly a hobby for me.

Do you have any hobbies that have traveled with you from childhood?

What is your favorite way to be in nature?

If anyone is interested in any of these pictures, feel free to message me and I'll sale one to you! (price depends on size)

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