Thursday, July 2, 2015

I Made My 5 Mile Goal and A Little On Listening To Your Body

I've been working for the last few weeks to up my milage from 4-4 1/2 miles to 5 or more miles. It doesn't seem like that big of a jump, but I have struggled to get there for quite a while.

Last Tuesday, I decided was the day I'd go do it.  I headed out and by the end of the first mile, I knew that it just wasn't going to happen that day. It was SO hot! and I had clearly not prepared myself for the heat all day by drinking enough water.

Lucky for me, my parents house is on route in this particular run. So I stopped there for a drink and to cool off. My mom offered to take me home but I told her I'd be ok running home and I wouldn't go further, so she let me go.

It's important to listen to your body. In high school, I would have pushed through that run and probably just about injured killed myself in the process.  Your body needs to have "off days" in running.  Normally we call these recovery runs. Sometimes they are planned and sometimes they aren't (like this run).

The next day I was determined, again, to get to my 5 mile mark.  But, I knew it was still too hot out to do it outside so, I moved our work out to the treadmills.  I hate running on treadmills. I get so board. But I wanted to hit that 5 miles.  So I got my playlist ready, I found a good show on the TV, and I started out.

In order for me to do this kind of thing on a treadmill (and I know to some, 5 miles on a treadmill doesn't sound so long), I have to mix things up a bit.  I start out with a warm up pace.  An easy 6.5 level.  Then I push it up to 7-7.3 which is my comfortable running pace at the moment. I run there for about 2 miles and then I push the speed up again and run as long as I can on a higher speed.  Usually about another mile. So we are at 3 miles now.  The 4th mile, I took it easy, slowed down to a 7 again.  Then the last mile i speed up to a 7.5 and gradually increase the speed during the last half mile.

I did it, I made it 5 miles.

How do you make the treadmill more interesting?

What do you do when it's a hot day and you want to go running?

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