Thursday, July 9, 2015

An Hour Long Run and A Few Songs to Help You Push Through

Last Friday was a long run for me.  It was super hot outside and I didn't think it was smart for me to do a long run in that heat.  So I moved my run to a treadmill again.

I wanted to do this run a little differently than usual. Instead of picking an amount of miles, I wanted to see how far I could go in an hour.  That's a long time on a treadmill.  Trevon actually gave me this idea that morning, he decided to do the same thing. 

Because I have problems remembering to take pictures for my running posts, I'm sharing these running memes with you today instead. 

I really hate running on the treadmill. It just gets so boring. (I know, I say that all the time).  So I needed something to make it more exciting, something to get me through it with out getting too bored and finishing early.  I decided I'd take the run ten minutes at a time.

It ended up looking something like this:

8:30 pace at 0% incline 10 minutes

7:30 pace 1.5% incline 10 minutes

7:00 pace .5% incline 10 minutes

7:30 pace 0% incline 10 minutes

8:13 pace .5% incline 10 minutes

7:30 pace 0% incline 10 minutes

I ended up going a little over 6.5 miles. (The times are not exact, I'm pretty awesome and forgot to take pictures to remember the exact.)  It was pretty tough, partially because it's still a treadmill. But I was happy with how i did.

I don't know about you guys, but when I'm outside, it's so much easier to go further.  I always figure that either way I have to run home (or back to my car) so I might as well finish.  Going on a treadmill I can push that little stop button or pull the emergency magnet just about any time I want. And that's always a temptation on the treadmill.

Here are a few songs that help me run inside or outside:

Immortals--Fall Out Boy

What It's Like--Everlast  (the clean version)

Lose Control--Missy Elliott

All These Things That I've Done--The Killers

Run Don't Walk--Hey Monday

Lake of Fire--Nirvana

Paralyzer--Finger Eleven

Time Is Running  Out--Muse

There's a lot of other songs that I can share some other time. Until then, enjoy these ones. 


  1. My mom used to keep our elliptical near the TV in the basement...watching shows while working out makes it go could even hook up a tablet or iPad to it.

    1. Yeah, luckily our club house just got a nice TV so that helps pass the time a little bit. Unfortunately, we don't have any kind of tablet or ipad or anything but I'm happy for my music that I do have.