Friday, July 24, 2015

A Post of Pictures from J

This is J, I'm taking over Mommy's blog for the day to give you all the pictures of me and M doing all the fun things this month! Mom say's we can link up with Jenna for this post.

First we got to do a lot of fun things for the 4th of July.  My mom and dad got to go to the Stadium of Fire. Daddy really likes Journey, so Mommy got him tickets for his birthday. While they were at the fireworks, we got to stay at Grandma's house and play with our cousins and do fireworks there. It was way more fun than what Mom and Dad were doing, I think. 

Mommy has a lot of pretty flowers in our yard.  She lets me help take care of them. So I've been doing a lot of gardening lately. 

We like to play "camping" while Mommy tries to do chores around the house. I tuck M into her sleeping bag and then we pretend to sleep. 

Mommy's been working really hard on her running.  Sometimes she lets me come do a warm up jog around the block with her.  I like to run really fast. And sometimes we see really cool things on our runs. 

Like the other day, we saw this really cool double rainbow on our run.  I love rainbows because I love all colors, but my favorite color is green or purple. 

Sometimes we go to the clubhouse with Mommy and Daddy so they can work out.  I like to make trains with the weights, but M just likes to let the fan blow on her. 

M's favorite thing to do is to climb inside things. Even when we are trying to unpack or something, she sits in the suit case. I think it's funny.

We play at the splash pad with our cousins sometimes. I really like the splash pad and so does M.  My mom got a funny picture or M getting sprayed right in the face. M loves water and so do I. 

Other times we just play at home. We take turns getting rides on Mom's back. 

My mom's Grandpa Lindsay died. It was sad, but I'm still learning and trying to understand about all of that.  Mom talked more about that HERE and HERE.

Our stuffed animals weren't feeling well. So we took them to the teddy bear clinic at the hospital.  Tally (my dog) is recovering really well.  It was a lot of work to get her better, but it was kind of fun too. 

M is almost 2 years old. And mom says she's hit the terrible twos. I'm not sure what that means, but sometimes M throws a lot of tantrums. Like when Mom tried to wrap a paper towel around the popsicle stick on her melting creamy.  We ended up having to just throw it away because she started screaming so much she wouldn't eat it.  

Mostly, though, we try to just pack in as much fun as we can during the summer. We went to feed the ducks and explore the park near by the pond. I love being with my cousins. 

Thats about it for our month. What about yours?

What's your favorite color?

Do you have any cousins living by you?


  1. This is so cute & such an adorable idea :)

  2. Aw, so cute!! It looks like y'all are having a lot of fun lately! :)

    1. It's been a fun summer. Although it's gone by fast. And I can't believe you start teaching that soon!