Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Heat Runs and An Abs Routine For You

The last week had been really hot.  I'm not complaining, I love it. But it does make running a little more challenging. We tried to run when it was starting to cool off for the day but that doesn't mean it was cool running. It was still hot.

When running gets hard because of heat, you have to find ways to make it easier and more fun for you.  For example, the best thing to me for running in the summer, is when people have their sprinklers on.   Lucky for us, there were sprinklers on during every run we went on last week. I'm not embarrassed that everyone can see me run through them.  Unless it's raining or chilly outside, I will run through just about any sprinkler I see during a run. 

Running inside is much cooler, but way less exciting. So you start to mix your treadmill routines up a bit.  This week we did intervals. It goes something like this:

Warm up 
Race pace .25 mile
Jog .25 mile
Race pace .50 mile
Jog .50 miles
Race pace 1 mile
cool down. 

There are a lot of different ways you can do this kind of a run. This is a great one for beginners. You can mess around with the distance and with the speed to what works for you. Race pace and endurance will be different for just about everyone. Listen to your body, don't over do it. You don't want to get injured or burned out. 

After doing this work out, we did some abs. They went like this:

Regular Plank for 45 seconds

Up on hands for 30 seconds

Shoulder touches 15 seconds

go back to regular plank for 30 seconds

Side Plank 30 seconds

Regular plank for 30 seconds, then other side plank for 30 seconds.


On the shoulder touches, you want to try to keep the rest of your body still. No swaying! One easy way to do this ab work out is to find a song that you like and change moves when the phrase changes. 

Theres a little bonus for running in the evening, or early morning. Sunrise/sunset....The views are beautifully distracting. 

What are your favorite work outs for a hot day?

What do you do to make your work outs more fun?

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