Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Runs and Great Views

Somedays I don't really feel like running, and I don't plan on it. I plan to take breaks on those days so that I don't get burned out.  Sometimes, half way through that day, I decide that I really do want to go running. I just want to do a new run.

This happened on Saturday. About 2 in the afternoon I decided I did want to go on a run. It really wasn't all that surprising to me though, cause that's about the time of day that I love to run the most. So I told the kids to play with Daddy for a little while so I could go.

Sometimes I just run and see where I feel like going next, and sometimes I have an idea for a new hill run or a new long run (or any other kind of new run). This was the case on Saturday.

I used my Map My Run app on my phone, because when I go on new runs, I like to make sure I know exactly how far I go.  This time it didn't end up being quite as far as I was hoping for (there's always room for tweaking a run). But it ended up being a really good hill run.

I think my home is one of the prettiest places on earth. Look at the views I get when I'm running! This is one of the reasons I love to run in the afternoon/evening time. Especially when I get to watch sunsets or get these amazing blue sky views.

When is your favorite time to run?

How do you track your milage?

Do you ever find really great views during your work outs?

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