Monday, June 8, 2015

Need a Pick Me Up?

Summer is here! Summer is my favorite season. I love fall and spring too, anything but winter. But theres just something about summer that is exciting. Theres lots of fun things going on, amazing weather, great food, and relaxing.

I know, I know, the kids are out of school and your house is chaos. It's messy, the kids are loud and complaining about being bored. I know some moms struggle with summer for exactly these reasons. I don't, at least not yet, because my girls are still home all day everyday. They are too young for school. That being said, they still start to get crazy and drive me nuts once in a while. And when they do, I need a pick me up.

One of my favorite ways to lighten my mood when life gets too crazy is watch a show for me. My girls are still young enough that they don't necessarily mind what show they are watching. In fact, J asks to watch the "cooking show", which is anything on Food Network, on a daily basis. That and Studio 5, which is a morning kind of talk show about all great things local. She also loves her some Anne of Green Gables, which is the ultimate chick-flick.
But what J doesn't know, is that watching these little shows, if the girls are either playing on their own or sitting still with me, helps me reset my day. My stress level goes down, I feel like I did something for me. And then I can go back to my day and be a better, happier mom.

Sometimes I get grouchy and stressed because my house is a mess. And a messy house makes me a mess. One thing that really helps with that, is declaring the morning a cleaning morning. I hand J a lysol wipe, have her wipe down walls or highchairs or toys. I give M a duster and have her follow me around "dusting" the furniture (mostly I go back at the end and get what she missed, which is a lot). And I set to work cleaning the rest of the house. I have the girls pick up their toys, sometimes a bribe of candy or a special treat is involved, and then I vacuum.
Once the house seems put back together, I feel calm and happy again and we all find something fun to do while we enjoy our special treat.

A lot of times, the reason that I need a pick me up is that I haven't been out of the house all day.  This is a problem that gets me down quite frequently. So after I realize that's the problem, I quickly find something for us to do. If I have errands to run, I go then. If it's nice outside, we go on a walk. If we don't need to go anywhere, and the weather is bad, we go to a friends house. Sometimes we even just go window shopping.  The fresh air, the sun, the sounds of outside, all of it helps me feel productive and happy.

Our back yard is a place that I frequently sneak a few quite minutes alone while the girls are playing or during quiet time. I think my back yard is probably my favorite thing about my house. I love the way we have done it up and made it look. I love that I can go back there and sit and read for a few minutes, and my girls love to go out and play in the sand box or with the sidewalk chalk.

Every so often I go through a phase like this, and I think the girls do too, where we are all so antsy and grumpy. No one is having fun, no one is getting their way, and no one is happy. We start to drive each other crazy. Moms aren't supposed to admit those kinds of things. Moms are supposed to always love their kids, and I do, but sometimes they drive me absolutely nuts and I want to be alone. I've always been the kind of person who need an hour or so alone, all by myself, no interruptions. But, as a mom that isn't always practical. In fact, alone time is more like nonexistent.

When those days happen, the ones where we are all grumpy and on edge, the first thing to do is to figure out the problem.

Have you been stuck inside for a while?
Have you exercised lately?
Is anyone sick or hurting?
Is anyone hungry?

Why are we feeling this way today? What can we do to fix it?

Go get a snack for the kids and yourself. If you are hungry and need an out, go get a special treat at the grocery store or go through a drive through for an ice cream cone so you don't even have to get the kids out of the car.

Put a movie on for the kids and go take a shower. Get cleaned up and looking good. A shower always makes me feel better.

Have a read-a-thon with your kids. They can pick their favorite books to look at quietly, while you read a chapter in what ever book you haven't had time to finish yet.

Get some exercise with your kids. Put some music on and dance. Hold a mini work out class in your back yard. Have them do jumping jacks and an obstacle course. Let them have a foot race or play a game of football. But you join in too. Get the endorphins going.

Call a friend and invite them to come over for a back yard play date. Get some adult interaction while the kids play. There are a lot of times that what I need most, is to talk to someone who is capable of understanding how I, as a mom, feel.

Moms deserve a little break once in a while. Even if you can't take a break from the kids, you can take a break from the normal daily routine.  Make things exciting and brighten your day.

Is there something that brightens your day in an instant?

What is your favorite pick me up?

What gets you down in a rut fastest?


  1. There is something more than just the Vitamin D we get from the sun that we need from being outdoors...That's why I was so glum and down most of May when it was raining almost nonstop in Utah

    1. The sun does wonderful things for me as well. While I'm really grateful for the moisture, I was so mad every time we woke up to another rainy day. I love rain, but I need at least three or four days to play outside!