Friday, June 12, 2015

My Girls Are Sweeites

This morning as I was getting our chores done, I started getting a little overwhelmed with the amount I needed to do. They were making extra, little messes around the house. It really shouldn't bother me, at least they are playing together and having fun. But sometimes it does bother me. And today it did.

I had a little moment of frustration and got after J for the mess. Then I went on cleaning. I realized a little bit later that I had hurt J's feelings.  She was just trying to have fun and play with her sister.

M's favorite thing is to be inside things with as many toys as she can get in there. J likes to help her accomplish this. 

I apologized, and explained to her why I was frustrated as soon as I noticed she was still sad about it. Then I started to notice that she was trying really hard to help me with what I needed and still play like she needed.  Her room was a mess, her shoes were every where, and I wanted it cleaned. She had her box that we put their shoes in filled with something else that was important to what she was playing. But, she knew that I wanted her shoes picked up. So she tried to find a way to make us both happy. A lot like the way I do when her and M are fighting over a toy.  "Mom, how bout I put my shoes on this shelf here for now, and then when we are done playing, I can put them in the box?"  I noticed she was trying to be big, and helpful and she wanted me to be happy too. And it did solve the problem for both of us.

Later, we went to the store with the cousins.  I always bring snacks to the store for my kids, they do so much better that way.  The cousins wanted a snack too, but we only had a couple of fruit snacks. J noticed that they wanted some.  She considered the options. She decided to give her fruit snack up for an older snack I happened to have in my bag.  She again showed me how big she is.

It reminded me of this poem a little bit.

I found this poem on Pinterest a while ago, and I can't read it with out crying.  

It reminds me that I'm my girls only Mama. It reminds me that they are just little girls. It reminds me that they won't always want me to play with them or read to them or even snuggle them. 

And hopefully they will grow up to be beautiful, wonderful people.

Hopefully I'll raise them to think of others, and to love everyone. 

Hopefully I'll raise them to work hard in everything they do.

Hopefully they will know the things that really matter.

Hopefully they will always remember that we love them and will do anything for them. 

The only way I can make sure they know these things is to teach them through example. I want to be there for them. I want to play with them and enjoy every second of being with them. 

My girls are growing so fast. I want to enjoy every little detail I can with them. 

What is your kid's favorite thing to do?

What helps you remember to enjoy every minute?


  1. My 3-year-old told me today, "You're my best Mama ever!" (I don't know why she calls me "mama," I've never referred to myself that way and all the other kids call me "mom" or "mommy.")

    I was enjoying it until my helpful 9-year-old pointed out that even if I was the worst, I'd still be "her best Mama" because I'm her only mom. Thanks, dear!

    1. Haha leave it to kids to make the cutest thing of the day, into a not so cute thing. I love that your three year old says stuff like that though. We have a hard time getting our three year old to say anything affectionate towards anyone. Except for maybe her stuffed puppy. Someday.