Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Building Up Milage and Pampering After a Run

My running buddies all bailed out on me for our nightly run. So I set out for a solo run. When I do that, I usually shoot for doing a longer run that what I'd normally do with a group.

Slowly, I'm working my milage back up. I went 4.5 miles yesterday. The weather ended up being perfect for running. It was warm with the perfect amount of cloud cover.

Running more than three miles lately has been really hard for me. It was hard to get back to three miles after I got asthma.  But I'm slowly making a little progress.

My favorite way to add milage on is to go run outside (because I always go further when I run outside.) And to add about a half mile on to my long runs.  I can tell how much I have added on because, after running for years, I got to the point that I can just tell.  But they have apps that will help tell you how far you've gone. There are also things like this Garmin Watch that shows you how far you've gone, average pace, time, and a lot more.

Once I get comfortable with a distance, and by comfortable, I mean that I can run it all the way through with out feeling worn out and like I need to stop. I'm breathing good and feeling good. Once I get comfortable with a distance, I add a little on so that I can slowly build it up. You don't want to build distance up all at once, that will lead to injury. 

Clearly I'm not getting the hang of running selfies...I'm not great at selfies in the first place, so why I thought this would work, I'm not sure. 

Heres another one. This one is a really good shot of my pepper spray. 

While I was running with it today, I realized it would be really great if they made something like this to carry your inhaler in. I haven't actually had to use my inhaler for a long time, and I didn't feel like I needed it on this run, but wouldn't that be a good idea?  

When I got home I was ready to pamper my legs a bit. So I took a nice long bath and used this Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub.  I got this as a free sample from brand backer, in return for an honest review. 

Heres what I liked:
My skin felt super smooth. And still does. So it did what it was supposed to do.
My legs were so smooth that water just rolled off of them. 

What I didn't like: The smell. It smells like an old lady's perfume to me. So if you want this, and they don't have a different smell, find some really good smelling lotion to cover it up. 

Are you new to running, or have you been at it for a while?

Do you carry pepper spray?

What is you favorite running weather?


  1. Hey, at least you caught part of your body in your running selfies. Mine rarely have any part of me in them, or they're so blurry you can't recognize anything. Keep at it trying to increase distance! Slow & steady. :)

    1. Most of them were just the ground or my head haha. Tonights my long run. Hoping to go even further.
      Thanks for reading!