Friday, May 8, 2015

What My Grandmas Taught Me

I was lucky enough to grow up with in walking distance of both of my grandma's. One lived three houses down, the other just a couple of blocks away. So they both had a huge part in raising me because I spent most of my time around them when I wasn't in school.
They both taught me more than I could ever share. Everything from sewing and cleaning to how to relax and have fun. Some of the most important things in life.

Grandma Lindsay taught me how to sew, how to weed the yard, how to work hard. She taught me what to do for a bee sting and how a butterfly makes a cocoon. But the thing I think of most when I think of Grandma Lindsay, is how selfless and kind she was. She was always taking people meals, cards, or gifts. She never complained about one thing, even though she had her own health struggles.
We would go play at her house but she would never let us leave with out a treat. She always had something for us. Somedays, when I was being a particularly hard child (because I was) she would offer to take me out with her to do what ever she needed to do. Go to the bank, grocery store, or sometimes just to go get  an ice cream. And while we were out, she never failed to teach me something.
She also never missed an event in my life. All my dance performances, choir concerts, piano recitals, school graduations, bridal showers, weddings. Everything in my life that she could make it to, she did until the day she died.

Grandma Francis, the fun, spunky, happy Grandma Francis. She was the best at "girls days" and having a party. She was always up for an adventure (and she still is). She taught us to be clean, and organized. "Don't forget to wipe that bar up when you're done. And rinse the rag out, that's why it gets smelling sour." She taught me how to quilt. She taught me that I can do things even if I get frustrated and want to give up on them. She taught me to pray when I'm sad or feel alone. "In time this too shall pass". She taught me that God is always on my side. She taught me not to give up. Ever.
She always had fun ideas. Things that my family still talks about today. Things that I tell my kids about. Like when we would be up at the cabin and she would spontaneously go up the stairs and throw M&M's down over the loft and yell "It's raining candy!" So we would all run and gather up as much as we could.
She's the queen at Phase 10 and she taught me to play. Introduced me to Anne of Green Gables, and will eat french fries or mexican food with me anytime I want them. She's never been scared to speak her mind or to teach someone the proper way of doing something.
She is who I would run away to when things got bad. When the depression was deep, when I'd just had a fight with my parents or my brother, when something at school was going bad, when my dog died, she is who I went to. Sometimes even just to sit and listen to the quiet together. She's always there for a hug.
She taught me to get along with my family because they really do become your best friends. She taught me that family matters.

My grandma's taught me how to love life. How to be self reliant, how to work hard in every single thing that I do. They taught me never to give up. They taught me that I'm worth something, I'm special. They taught me that God hears me and cares about me.
My grandma's taught me to be polite and kind to others. To have fun and to try my best to be happy. They showed me how to do those things through their examples.
They taught me that anything worth doing, is worth doing right, and cleaning is definitely worth doing.
They taught me to be true to myself. To not worry about what someone else was doing. To brush myself off when someone knocked me down.
They taught me to be serve others when ever possible. To make time for those things because they matter.
They taught me to live a happy life. In ways that I will never forget. Even when they moved to the other side, I will never forget the feeling of their hugs, the smell of their clothes, the sounds of the voices telling me whats right. They will forever be the who I think of when I'm in a tough spot "what would grandma do right now?"

Happy Mother's Day Grandma!


  1. I think that's awesome that you were THAT CLOSE to both of your grandparents!

    1. It was seriously the best thing. I'm so lucky to have both of them and be that close growing up.