Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Can Be Brave and Strong

When I was expecting my first baby, I was given a book called I am a Child of God. Actually, I think I was given the book quite some time before that but hadn't actually looked at it until I was having a baby. After having J, I would read to her all the time. From the time she was a few weeks old. This was one of the books we would read.

As J got a little older, she started having a hard time sleeping. I was never a very good sleeper either. She would either wake up screaming bloody murder or she would end up sleeping on our floor because she was scared. I started to try to think of ways to help her feel braver and safer. 
One day, we were reading this book. There is a page in it that says "I can be brave and strong, for as a child of God, I am never alone."  That stuck out to me. 
I remember growing up, I hated when I'd wake up in the middle of the night from a bad dream or just from whatever. I always felt scared no matter what the reason. I remember any time I was alone at home, I felt that same way. I just felt scared. I just knew someone was coming to get me. So when I read that page, I felt the peace from it. Even as an adult. So I decided to make a print out of it, and frame it for the girl's room. 

I told J what it said, and what it meant. It sits on her dresser so that she can see it if she needs it. (If you want to print one out you can go HERE).

Even as an adult, I feel scared and alone sometimes, but every time I start to feel that way, I think of that quote and it immediately helps me remember that, even if I feel alone in something, I'm not. God is always with us, especially when  we need Him most. We only need to pray to Him and ask for His comfort and guidance. 

What helped you be brave as a child?

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