Friday, April 24, 2015

The Pink Series 5k Review and Giveaway

It's time for the "coffee date" link up with Jenna, so I thought I'd share my running update! This last weekend, I accomplished one of my yearly goals which was to be back into race shape. I ran the Pink Series 5k in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  I was more nervous before this race than I have been for a race in quite a while. I didn't know if I was going to do better than last year or not.  My cousin ran it with me this year, I was so excited about that. She picked me up around 7 A.M. The race started at 9 A.M. and the last shuttle to get up to the starting line left at 8:30. So we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to get to the starting line, warm up, stretch, and line up. And we did.
It was a pretty cold morning, but luckily this year they let us have drop bags. So we were able to layer up until we were ready to line up. Then we just put all of our stuff in a well marked bag and put it in a car to be taken down to the finish line.
When we were lining up, I got talking to a few of the other girls running it. That happens a lot with these kinds of races. You get to know a lot of people. We were talking about our goals for this race. One of them said she would probably run it in 18 guys, 18 MINUTES! That is insane fast. The other two girls were hoping around 20 minutes, still crazy fast. I can tell you right now, the one who said she was hoping for 18 minutes, ran it in 16 and won it! She's amazing. Not only did she win it, but she came back to cheer the rest of us on in the last stretch. What a great lady. Anyway, my goal was 23 minutes. The year before I ran it in just over 24.
I felt really good during the race. I could feel that my pace was really good and that I could push it harder in some spots. The hardest spot for me is almost always the last mile of any race. I think it's mostly a mind game from there for me. Going down the last hill I could feel someone too close to me for comfort so I knew I had to speed up. That's when I saw Melody (the winner) coming back up the hill. That gave me some new energy and I pushed it in. It's always great to be cheered on by another runner. And I will now always try my best to go back and cheer on the others. I finished 4th place over all, first in my age group, and I PRed by over a minute! Here are some of my thoughts on the race itself.

I have run a lot of 5ks in my life. I've run a lot of great courses and some that I didn't like so much. I feel that it's safe to say that this course is in my list of favorite races. I've met some really great ladies both times I've run this race. It's an all women's race, and a lot of women that are running it, are either cancer survivors or battling cancer right now. There is a huge variety of women running it but they are all supportive of each other and cheer each other on.

It's a really fast course. Mostly downhill. There are a few small uphill areas at the beginning but the rest is flat or downhill.  That can be hard on your knees and shins, but if you train the right way and you're ready for this race, the downhills help you so much on your time. (Like I said earlier, I PRed by over a minute this year!)

The race director makes sure the course is always well marked. They had signs with arrows and the race name on it every couple yards and they had volunteers helping point you in the right way, and stop traffic for you to pass. So basically, you're not getting lost.

This year they had pacers. Pacers are volunteers who run the race to help others keep on track for the goal time. So, lets say that you were running the race and shooting for a 25 minute time, you would follow close behind that pacer. If you're a regular racer, you know this is kind of abnormal for a 5k, but it's so awesome for those who are new to running or even for the first time runners.

Here are a few things that were in my race packet (minus the medal, I earned that). Cute shirt, car cling, coupons, bib number, and protein bar (not pictured but it was yummy).

They use top notch chip timing. And not the kind you have to tie on your shoe. Your timing chip is on your bib number. It's not even noticeable. Chip timing is the most accurate race timing you can get. Your chip is specifically connected to your bib number, and after you cross the finish line, with in a couple of minutes, you will know your time and place in the race. You can look it up online, or, in this race, they had an option for you to go look up your bib number and print your time out yourself.

When the race is over, they have fun snacks, music and the award ceremony for the winners. The Pleasant Grove race also happens to have a great little park right at the finish line. So if you have younger kids waiting for you there, they can play at the park while they wait for you and after while you mingle with your fellow runners.

Awards vary from year to year depending on the race. This year they gave a blendtec to the first place over all winners in the 5k and the 10k. They also gave plaques to the second and third place over all winners and then medals 3 deep for age group winners.

Here's the medal ceremony, my time card, and both my medals (one last year, one this year)

The Pink Series team is so great to work with. They are upbeat, excited people. They are passionate about what they do. They are quick to get back and to answer any questions they have. And it's supporting a great cause. Part of the proceeds go to a breast cancer foundation called Lifting Hearts. This is something that is close to my heart because my Mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer this last February.

This really is one of my favorite races I've run. I'm excited to share that with you! There is another Pink Series race in Park City, Utah on October 10th and the Pink Series or go HERE to sign up for yourself. Entry is $30 until June 15, then prices go up.
The pink Series Team was so awesome and willing to let me do a giveaway for them on here. So, if you're interested in running this fun, all women race, enter the giveaway for a free entry.

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  1. I've run the Pink Series Half 2 times and would live to beat my time!! I LOVE running through beautiful Park City :)

  2. Congrats on your 5k PR!! The girls you mentioned are crazy fast, but so are you!! When I was running consistently and did a 5k last I think I hit 25 minutes.

    1. Thanks, 25 is still a pretty good time. Keep working at it and you'll see the progress.

  3. Congrats on setting a new PR! That's a huge accomplishment!

  4. I've done a breast cancer awareness one in VA with a SIL and then the Hit and Run (like Wipeout combined w/ a 5K) and that was definitely my favorite