Friday, April 10, 2015

I Can Do Hard Things

 How many times have you heard someone say "well...I had a hard childhood." Or "Yeah, ______ has had a hard life."? I can tell you that this is something I've heard a lot. And, I think that in our own way, we have all had "a hard life". Life is hard. We all have trials, we all go through some crappy things, it's not fun sometimes.  No one goes through exactly the same things, but we all go through hard things. The main things is, how do we deal with the hard things?

For years I felt like my life was harder than anyone else's. I felt like everyone else had life easy because, even though they were going through something that was hard for them, they did not have to deal with what I was dealing with. After thinking this way for several years, after letting my "hard things" get me down into depression, finally something clicked. I realized that I needed to take my hard things in life, and learn from them, and grow from them, and then help others how ever I can with them.
I can do hard things.

To the single dad, trying to raise a family, work, and do everything else, don't give up. You're the only things your kids have to hold on to. Be their rock. What can you do for your kids today? What can you do for yourself? Take it one day at a time, don't worry too much about the future. And remember,

You can do hard things. 

To the women fighting breast all the people fighting any cancer, there is fantastic knowledge today that helps you in the fight. The road is rough, there will be a lot of hard days. There will be a lot of sick days. Don't give up, find the peace you need through those who love and support you. LET THEM HELP YOU! Find peace through God, know that He is there and He is all knowing. He's there to comfort you, to guide you, and to support you when you need it the most. And remember,

You can do hard things. 

To the young, stay at home mom, when the kids are driving you crazy. When you don't know why you had them in the first place. When you feel so lonely even when you're never alone. When you're exhausted and still need to wake up to feed your new, precious baby. When all you want to do is take a nap but see that the house is a mess, and need to clean it instead. Remember who you are. You're job is important. You're the only mom that your kids need, be there for them. Pray for strength and guidance. God will see you through those days. There will be a day when the house is always clean. There will be a day when you won't have to worry so much about finances. There will be a day when your kids will say nice things to each other. Hold on. Eat a piece of chocolate. And remember, 

You can do hard things. 

To the high school student, getting ready to graduate. Relationships come and go, there will be heartache, and tears. But someday you'll get it right and find the right one. You may feel stress and pressure and confusion with school and what to do next in life, but don't worry too much. Enjoy the ride, and trust that God will give you the answers you need if you ask Him for His guidance and listen for His answer. Listen to your parents, they know what they are talking about after all. Don't give up your dreams, but give up your fears. Be happy, have some fun, and remember,

You can do hard things.

We all can do hard things. We just have to remind ourselves that we can. Be brave, Trust God. Because it's through Him that we can do all things. Even the hard ones. Don't forget why you started in the first place. Don't worry about what's coming. Don't give up. You're on this earth for a reason, find out what that reason is and remember,