Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Cleaning: Kitchen and Pantry

 The room that takes the longest for me to clean is the Kitchen. Mostly because there are so many different appliances and spaces to clean. It's also one of my least favorite places to clean. I'm in there all the time, and while I hate having it messy, I feel like I'm constantly cleaning it. Dishes in the sink, things all over the counters, never ends.

For spring cleaning, I try to get at least most of the mess deep cleaned. I leave the floors and the sink for last because that's where all the crumbs end up while I'm cleaning the rest of the kitchen.  
This time I started with the pantry. I'm a little embarrassed to show how bad things can get in there. To start, I pull out all the food. I go through it and throw away expired, or half eaten food that no one has touched for a while. Then I wipe down all the shelves before I start reorganizing. I'm loving using baskets to organize the food a little more. Last I vacuum. This carpet was pretty gross when we moved in, I'm hoping that I can get the stains out when I carpet clean. 

So much better! I know where everything is, I can see almost everything as soon as I glance around. My kids can no longer go in and pull all the snacks down because I moved them up a couple of shelves. The things on each shelf make sense together. And you can see the floor!

Now on to the kitchen. The biggest problems with our kitchen is just getting everything to fit in a place where it makes sense, and to have it be organized in it's own space. I think this is a big problem for most everyone. So, to start I look around and see what needs a new home, or to go back to it's own home or thrown away. 
Then I start organizing certain cupboards that I know cause a problem. This cupboard is almost always disorganized. 
Before                                                                                           After

In a perfect world, I'd have some way to keep things organized really easily in here. But for now, this has to do. I take everything out, I wipe down the shelves, and then I put it back in a way that makes sense. Why would I put the lids on the top shelf if the pots are on the bottom? To the bottom shelf they go. That alone cleans things up quite a bit. Then stacking the muffin tins and cookie sheets on the side make it easy to slide one out and also helps make room for the toaster. And it still looks nice.

On to the rag drawer. Since this one is on the bottom, The girls love to pull the towels and rags out and use them as doll blankets. Not that I really love them doing this, but pick your battles, right? So this drawer ends up a mess mostly because they get thrown around. 
Before                                                                                          After

I'm hoping that if I stack them in separate piles the girls will catch on and put them back where they should be. Fat chance, but at least it's organized for now. This drawer is just a hard one to deal with either way. 

Next the cooking utensil drawer. This is a lot like the rag drawer. The girls like to get my spoons out and use them as drum sticks and what not. Again, pick your battles. So I take everything out, wipe down the drawer and then put them back in an organized manner. I put the things that aren't supposed to be there, in the right spot. 


The fridge. I hate cleaning out the fridge. It seems to take so much more energy and time than the rest. And most of the time I just want to throw it all away and start over. But that's a huge waste of food, and money. So cleaning happens. Again, I just pull it all out, wipe it all down, throw out the bad, and put back the new. In this case, I had just gone shopping so the fridge was chucked full. 

Before                                                                                                                 After

Then it's for the regular cleaning. Wiping down the counters, cleaning the sink, sweeping and mopping the floor, taking the garbage out etc. 


 And there it is. A clean kitchen, even if it only lasts for a day or two. At least I know that it's possible.

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