Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring Cleaning: Bedroom &Linen Closet

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Now on to our spring cleaning series. The first thing I always do when I'm getting ready for spring cleaning is make a check list of things that I know I need to get done. That way I don't get so overwhelmed with everything I have to do. I make the list room by room. Today, I'm focusing on the bedroom.

Our bedroom is normally pretty clean, but when the clutter does happen, it disrupts sleep and makes a bedroom, that is supposed to be a place to relax, more stressful. 

First things first, look around and see what things are out of place and what things don't have a place to go yet. For me, this is usually books or tapes that my daughters like to listen to or papers and other things that get pulled out and not put back.

When I find all of those things, I go through them, decide what is worth keeping and start making a throw out pile. Then what ever is left over either goes back to where it's supposed to be or it finds a new home. 

Next is my closet and dresser. I go through all of my clothes (and have Trevon go through his) and we make a donation pile. Shirts that I just don't wear anymore, pants that don't fit right anymore, shoes that I'd like to replace. They go in a garbage bag and taken to D.I. Then I put all the clothes that I'm keeping back into the closet and drawers in an organized way. My clothes hang: dresses, pants and shorts, long sleeved, 3/4 sleeve and short sleeved (depending on what's in season and what I wear the most at the time). Trevon gets to organize his clothes the best way for him. Doing it this way makes it super easy to put the clothes back where they are supposed to go and it makes our closet look so much nicer. We do the same things with the things that are in our nightstands. 
Before                                                                                                                    After

When all the clothes are done, I move on to the books, pictures, music, etc. 

Then I start on the more regular chores. Dusting, vacuuming, wiping down the walls, de-cobwebbing, all of that stuff. My daughter loves to help with wiping down the walls. I hand her a lysol wipe and she goes to town. 

Then lastly, in the bedroom, I switch bedspreads. I have a few different quilts that my grandma's made for my wedding and one that was given to us for a wedding gift. We love them all and like to switch them out every once in a while. It just helps the bedroom feel fresh again. For spring I usually choose the one my mom's mom made for us, it's white with purple flowers on it so it's really warm and spring-y. 

When I'm satisfied with the bedroom, I go to the linen closet. I take all the blankets and sheets out, wipe the shelves down. Wash the sheets that have started to smell musty, and refold all of them. We have a shelf just for warm blankets that my girls love to go to and find a cozy blanket to watch a movie with. But the almost never get put back right. So this gives me a chance to re organize that and make it function again.
Before                                                                                                                  After

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