Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Favorite Baby Items and a Giveaway

I've been asked several times, as a mom, what some my favorite products I use are. So today I'm going to share them with you and have a little giveaway package with a few of the products in it.

First, These little sucky bulbs. Yup, the ones from the hospital. My first had acid reflux and we used this all day long to help her get all of the spit up out of her mouth. It's a great idea to have a few of these on hand. And these ones are the best, and cheap on amazon.

Next, A really good swaddling blanket. I got some really great cotton gauze blankets for my second baby and they were so great. They are stretchier than the regular cotton blankets and a little bigger. So if your baby likes to be swaddled, these are great to use because, even as they grow, you can get them swaddled nice and tight.  I'm giving two that I have made away in the giveaway package. If you want to make your own, You can get cotton gauze material at some fabric stores and online. I got mine at the Fabric Mill, if you're in Utah, they are my favorite. They have a huge variety for blankets!

*Girlie Glue, I've loved Girlie Glue since it first came out. If you're looking for something to hold bows in your baby girl's hair, this does the trick better than anything I've ever tried. This stuff can hold the bow in for 3 days! It's all natural, honey free, and super easy to use. You just put a dab of the glue on the bow, press it on, and then you can take it out with water when you're ready. No more fussing with headbands that won't stay on, or having the bow fall off in the middle of family pictures.
 The other thing I love about girlie glue is you can use it for so many other things too. I've seen people use it as gel in their boy's hair. I've used a little bit, watered down, in my hair as a gel. I've also used this for Halloween costumes. Really this stuff is the greatest. I'm giving away a tube of it and some cute bows too!

For Christmas, my second got a Homedics Soundspa giraffe. We really love this. Especially when she moved into a room with her big sister. It has music or soothing sounds to help them sleep better, as well as a night light. You can velcro it to the crib so it doesn't become a safety hazard and it's super cute.

And this Exergen thermometer. This is the best because you don't have to hold it in your baby's armpit while you wait for it to read the temperature. You just glide it across the baby's forehead. If the baby is asleep, this won't even wake them up. It's quick, easy and accurate. Buy one!

Lastly, when your baby starts to eat, you definitely need some good bibs. You want to keep those cute clothes clean! These bibs from Mommy Bee Crafty are great because they cover the whole shirt. If your baby spills, you're not going to have stains. They also tie in the back instead of velcro, that way they are sure to stay on even when they are getting tugged on by little hands. When you're done with them, you throw them in the wash just like a piece of clothing or a hand towel.  You'll also be getting one of these in the giveaway package.

Here's what's in the give away package:
One Mommy Bee Crafty bib, 2 Cotton Gauze swaddle blankets, and
1 tube of Girlie glue with felt bows. 

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What things are on your baby must have list?

*Girlie Glue is not affiliated with this giveaway.

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