Friday, March 13, 2015

Insta Natural Essential Oils

I got the chance to try some essential oils from Insta Natural for the last couple of weeks. I'm not big into essential oils. I never have been. I believe they help with certain things like aroma therapy, but I'm skeptic about using them as a type of medication or for healing. So when I got these I was excited to see how I could use them in my home.

I got lemon and peppermint, and I was supposed to get a lavender as well but it was on back order. So for the time being, I went to work with these two. Right from the start, I was surprised with how strong the scent was. It wasn't in a bad way though. I kept these stored up in my bathroom closet, but I could still smell them through out the house. It made my house smell so fresh and clean from the first day, and I hadn't even done anything with them yet. I loved that.

The lemon was easier for me to use. I loved the scent, It was so bright and clean smelling. I used this mostly for freshening purposes. For example, I put a few drops of Lemon onto a cotton ball and put it behind the toilet. It keeps the bathroom smelling fresh instead of getting the "boy bathroom" smell. I also put a couple of cotton balls with both lemon and peppermint on them, in my daughters closet. It helped take away the musty, dirty clothes smell. So I really loved that about the lemon.

The peppermint was harder for me to use. I wasn't sure what to do with it. But I ended up using it to help freshen my breath through out the day. I just put a few drops in a little bit of water and gargled it. It wasn't a very long lasting thing, but it helped for a while. And I'm sure if I had put more drops in, it would have lasted longer than it did.  I also did an aroma therapy bath. I put a 5 drops of lemon and 8 drops of peppermint into a warm bath. I honestly didn't feel it doing anything to my body except that it made my skin super silky smooth. And we all love that!

This was my first time trying essential oils, have you tried them before? What do you like to do with them most?

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