Monday, February 16, 2015

Why I blog

 I haven't been blogging for very long, and since I've been blogging, I've been asked a lot why I do it. Which is kind of a weird question to me. But, it's made me start thinking, why do I blog? Some people earn money blogging, while that would be nice, and hopefully someday I will earn money doing this too, that's not my case. Some people use a blog as a journal. And while that's a great idea, that isn't why I do it either.

  For me, right now, blogging is a way I get to interact with other people. That sounds funny, but I think that really is a big part of it. I spend most of my day only talking to a three year old and a one year old. I need some where to put my thoughts and feelings and to share the things that I know with other people who "get it". I love my girls, but I love to be able to have a conversation that's more than explaining why you can't do this or that.  And I've loved getting to know other bloggers and the friendships I'm building.

 My husband has said that I express myself so much better in writing than I do in person. This is so, so true. Even in telling those I love how I feel, or how much they mean to me, it's so much easier for me to tell them in a letter. I don't know why I'm this way. I'm pretty sure I always have been this way. I remember growing up I used to get so frustrated or hurt by people and I didn't know how to deal with those things. I read in a book by Anita Stansfield, in her Buchanan series (it's a good chick flick book, check it out and read it), that gave me the idea to write a letter to who ever I had been hurt by, read it through, and then burn it. I tried it and most of the time found that it worked really well for me. Most of the time whatever had bothered me wasn't even a big deal and I just needed a way to move on from it. So, even though I sometimes struggle to find words to express the way I do in writing, I feel more comfortable using writing. I think it gives me a sense of safety. I am always able to go back and erase something that I didn't really mean to write, or that I've changed my mind on. But once I say something to someone out loud, it feels like it's so much more permanent.

  I have always felt that I have more to give than I seem to do. I feel like I have a lot of talents that go to waste because I don't know how or where to use them properly. I took piano from the age of eight or nine, until I was thirteen. And while I was never really good, I still have that talent, I just don't ever play anymore. I've wanted to be a photographer since I was eight years old and my cousin, Ashley, got her first Polaroid camera. I worked at Kiddie Kandids for almost three years and then after several years trying it on my own, almost completely have given that up and put it on the back burner. Because here in Utah, it's very, very hard to start any kind of business like that. Mostly because everyone either has someone in their family who is a photographer or is a self trained photographer. Never mind that I was actually certified. Those are only a few examples. So I found that blogging is a way for me to share things I know and love. It's a way for me to give help to those who are looking for information or tutorials on little DIYs or tips on running or some of my favorite products. It's also a way to share my testimony, to share what I believe with the world. And that's the whole point of this blog. To share with you, and help all of my readers when I can.

Thats why I blog. I love seeing that I'm helping others, wether I see that by comments or just by people reading, I feel like someone is looking for the things that I have to offer. I love making friends through this blog and I hope to build it more and make even more friends. And, it's a talent that I'm working on, and a way to share my other talents.
I know this post has been kind of a jumbled mess, and might not really make sense. I'm sorry for rambling a bit. But I felt this post was something I needed to write, for me, if not for anyone else.

I'm here to share with you guys though, so please, tell me what posts are your favorite? What kind of things would you want to see more of on my blog?  


  1. Same here, we have similar feelings about blogging :) I always express myself better through writing!

    1. So glad to see I'm not alone. Thank you for reading and for your comments! It makes me feel like I'm not just sending random stuff into the internt world that no one cares much about.

  2. I too express myself so much better in writing! The blog and my personal journal is perfect for that. But, I also love leaving notes for people over talking on the phone. And when I'm having a rough day, my husband has learned to text me to ask me what's wrong because I respond better that way. When he asks me in person how I'm feeling I just can't put it into words.

    1. I hate talking on the phone but I love leaving notes for people. I used to be really good at remembering to leave notes around the house for Trevon but I forget a lot now. Thanks for reading!