Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love Story: Dating

Since this week is Valentines, I decided to write another love story post about us. Then I found this link up through Growing Gracie Last time I told about how we met. Trevon and I were really good friends all through high school. And we have some really fun stories and memories together. Someday I want to share those great stories with you but if I added them in here, you'd be reading for days.

Love Story: Dating

  Since our group of friends were a year behind us in school, Trevon and I and one other friend (who is now a cousin, thats another story) graduated before the rest of our group. I was planning on going up to Utah State, Trevon was going to UVU and Sam, the one other friend that graduated, went down to Snow Collage. First we said goodbye to Sam. I was leaving next. I was excited at first but as time grew closer for me to go, I grew more and more uneasy about it. Not because I was nervous to leave home. I just didn't know if it was where the Lord needed me to be. I prayed about it a lot. My parents knew that I had started to feel that way and offered to drive me up to campus so I could get another feel for it.
 After going up there, it was a beautiful, great place, but on the way home I got the distinct feeling that I needed to go to UVU instead. I was a little heartbroken about it because I was really looking forward to a new adventure. I would have been the only one in my family to go away from home for school. But I knew what I needed to do. So I told my parents and I enrolled at UVU instead.
  My first semester was mostly just figuring things out. Trevon and I would run into each other once in a while but we didn't have classes together. We were both working when we weren't at school. I even remember my mom asking where Trevon was because she hadn't seen him for a while.
  Second semester was better. Trevon and I had signed up for an institute and a math class together. We went the first day of math and both decided to drop it because the teacher was crazy strict. So Trevon decided to take a psychology class and talked me into taking it too. That was the best class I ever took.  We had an awesome teacher and we were both pretty interested in the class. We started to study together when we weren't working. Slowly as we were studying we started holding hands. My mom would try to sneak up and catch us (she was really hoping that Trevon would be the one. She always had hoped that).
  I started to test Trevon, to see just how much he liked me. I didn't want to get into another relationship that wasn't going to go well. The first, and last, test I threw at him was to tell him that he could come meet me at work that night because I was closing and it was going to be a super slow night. He showed up right in the middle of my last photo session of the night. I was shocked. Trevon didn't have a car, so he had to ride the bus up to my work. That might not even be a big thing to some people, but for me, it showed how much he liked me and what he'd do for me.
  From then on we just got closer. He'd told me at one point that he wanted to kiss me. I told him I don't kiss guys who weren't my boyfriend. A couple days later we were playing at the park. After 15 minutes of trying, he finally got up the courage to kiss me. After that we were pretty much inseparable. We studied together, we went to movies, we met each other after work, we ate dinner together. Any time we could be together, we were.
  We knew he was going on a mission soon, and that was hard because we had, finally, just started dating, but we knew it was going to happen. So we packed in as much fun as we possibly could from the start. He got his mission call in June, he was called to Jacksonville, Florida. I was so glad he was state side! He would leave August 29th, two days after my 19th birthday.
  We continued to date but didn't make any promises. I knew how hard it was to wait. My mom, aunt, sister, and neighbor all waited (and all married their missionaries). I had also sent a boyfriend out when his parents left on their mission and the relationship didn't last all that long after he left, and that bothered me.  I knew how these things could go.

We went to the Dinosaur Museum,

We went to the zoo

We went to Hill Air force Base

 We went to several rodeos

go-karting and mini golfing

 And to the 4th of July parade/festival

And did everything else we could think to do. 

Then, when the time came, he left and I began waiting. (you'll hear about that next time.)


  1. My wife is being too generous. It actually took me around 45 minutes to kiss her because it was my first and I didn't want to mess this up :P It was also a full summer of pranks, but she wouldn't want to tell you about those :) Love you, Jen!

    1. yeah, I was trying to make you seem a little braver ;). Love you too.

  2. How cute that you waited for your missionary! ALSO PROPS TO YOU for saying you don't kiss boys who aren't your boyfriend. You my lady, have gumption :)

    1. Haha yes. Waiting was the best thing I ever did. And thank you. I wasn't always that way but after the relationship I had before Trevon I certainly learned a lesson. Not to do this nyw unless you're going to commit. Thanks for reading!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. It's been fun to remember all of our dating life while writing it.