Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A day in the life of a stay at home mommy blogger

I've never been one to jump on the stay at home mom vs working mom topic. That's not what this post is even about really. It's just a glimpse of what I do on a daily basis with my girls. Somedays are harder than others. Most days my to-do list doesn't get completely done. But I love it and I love my girls, so it's worth it.

7:00 AM: wake up
7:30 Am: Get myself dressed and ready for the day

8:00 AM: Get myself and the girls breakfast (if they haven't eaten yet)
                                                                                               The girls love to watch Super Why during breakfast. 
8:30 AM: Family prayer 
8:40(ish) Trevon leaves
This happens every morning, M saying bye to Dad as he drives away.

Somewhere in between here we have our first fit of the day. 

9:00 AM: get the girls dressed and ready for the day
9:30 AM: Chores

Dishes, sweeping and moping the floor, and vacuuming. 
Dishes are by far my least favorite job to do. I swear they are never all done!  

10:00 AM: Practice letters

10:30 Somedays this is when we go out and run errands, other days we play for a little while. 

She's doing a photo shoot of her toys, clearly she sees this happen often.  Then little sister got in the way. 

Weekly Costco Trip

11:00 AM: put laundry away, clean up again 
Another fit happens around here.

11:15 AM: Play until lunch

This time we did play-doh.

12:00PM: lunch
1:00PM: nap/quiet time. This is the time of day that I can get something done. Like work on the blog, answer emails, read, or anything else I need or want to to do.
we got these awesome Melissa and Doug Reusable Stickers. 
They are the best.They keep J entertained forever! You
can find them here.

2:00PM : M wakes up, J's movie is over, it's time to finish chores.
Another fit around here. Terrible twos have started

3:00PM: We have a little reading time. 
she wore herself out this day. It was a hard one for her.

4:00 PM: Walk. If it's warm enough outside. If it's not we usually see if we can go play at someone's house. Especially if we haven't gotten out of the house all day. 
5:00 PM: Start dinner
5:15 PM: Daddy gets home
5:30PM: Eat dinner
6:15 PM: clean dinner up, sweep again, have a little family time. 
7:15 PM: I go running! It's probably my favorite time of the day, most days. Trevon gets the girls ready for bed while I go. 
8:00 PM: Girls go to bed
Somewhere between here and 10:00, I shower and read in bed. 
(Clearly after naps I start failing at the picture taking stuff.) 

Thats our day in a nutshell. Most days we don't have quite so many fits. M is really an easy kid. She just had a rough day this day, and we have the terrible twos starting. And there is always something kind of different in our routine. We try to have fun, new things for the girls to do every once in a while so they don't get so bored and stir crazy. I realized with Jay, when she gets bored she is much harder to work with. 

Thats my day, What's on your daily to-do list?


  1. Awww I love this, mommying is hard, but so worth it! Looks like an absolutely beautiful day!

    1. You know, I complain about it sometimes but it really is so worth it! It's not an easy thing but it's a great thing.