Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Love story: How we met

How We Met

When I was about to start high school, I remember being so worried about how I was going to make it to all of my classes on time because I thought the school was so big. I remember talking to my dad about how big and crowded it was. He laughed and told me "just find the tallest guy you can and follow him down the hall." I'm pretty sure he was mostly joking. 
  I went to school the next day and was on my way to my second class. Not paying attention to anything except my schedule. I happened to look up and see some guy waving at me. I hadn't ever met the guy and thought it was super weird that he would wave at me, but I waved back and went on to my class.
  When the bell rang, I started off to my third class. Walking back down the hall, I saw the kid again and he waved. I started to think he was stalking me. So I just smiled and walked on. Then at lunch time I saw the kid one more time, he didn't wave but he was walking the same way I was. 
  This went on for a couple of days. I started thinking it was super weird. So I told my sister's boyfriend (now husband) about it. He laughed and I didn't understand why he was laughing. Then he pointed out a group of three guys talking to each other and asked if it was them. I told him it was. It wasn't one guy stalking me. It was three different guys being friendly...and possibly thinking I was my sister since they knew her first. 

  After he took me to meet them, we because good friends. Tavis was a year older than me, he was also Trevon's brother (who was the first guy that waved at me.) The third wasn't even related, although he looks like he could be for sure. His name is Jason and he was Trevon's best friend. 
  That's how Trevon and I met. We hung out all through high school. We had all the same friends. And now we have some really fun stories to talk about because we were friends for so long. 
  I don't think my dad realized when he told me to find the tallest guy to follow around I'd take it seriously for the rest of eternity. (Trevon is 6'3" and I'm 5'2") 
this picture is clearly not one from when we met but it's one of my favorite pictures of us. 

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