Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blogger men tell all

Found this fun link up today, and talked Trevon into helping me with it tonight. So here you go.

1. What is you favorite memory with your blogger?
    T: The evening I got to see her after two years apart (only hearing her voice 4 times in two years), I finally got to hear her in person, which she said "you're wearing that!?"
           J: haha in my defense, it was the middle of August, and he was wearing a thick sweater and jeans. It was hot. Also I've been known to say weird things when I'm nervous or super excited, and in this case it was both.

2. What is her best quality:
     T:She's not afraid to try new things. Like cooking, projects, new parenting things, etc. She's braver then she thinks.
     J: That's so nice. And true that I don't think I'm very brave

3. What is something you enjoy doing together?
   T: I would say just being able to talk about anything. Which can also be a problem when we do the other thing I like to do together, which is watching movies. Thats unfortunate.
    J: I do talk a lot. Sometimes I just get too excited to wait until the end of the movie to tell him something. Or sometimes it has something to do about the movie so it would only make sense to tell him right then. Or sometimes the movie gets boring...

4. What is your favorite post she's ever written?
   T: My wife blogs?
   J: Gee, thanks hun....

5. How much time do you think your wife blogs a week?
   T: Now that I know, 1.44000000000e+16 picoseconds.
   J: I don't even know what that means....