Monday, December 22, 2014

Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream

When I was growing up, one of my favorite treats to have was hot chocolate with a scoop of ice cream in it. My grandma taught me this. It was our special treat. It didn't matter if it was in the middle of the summer or if it was freezing outside, any time I had a sleep over at her house, we had popcorn and hot chocolate with ice cream. I've seen this idea on pinterest now, but it's always been my favorite. I don't know where my grandma learned it.
The thing that makes this so good is that ice cream cools off the hot chocolate enough to drink it. But it doesn't water it down. It makes it super, super creamy.
I just make my favorite hot chocolate like normal and then add a scoop in after warming it up. Pretty self explanatory.
Anyway, enjoy!
from me and my grandma


  1. This treat brings back happy memories for me. I still do it, too!

    1. It's the best. Even when it's not cold outside, we have it.