Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I know I already posted today, and it's rare that I post more than once a day, but I love doing the currently link up. So here it goes.

Watching: right now I'm not watching anything, but we went to see MockingJay part 1 last weekend. Holy Intense! I'm a movie cryer, so I cried like, four times. But it was really awesome. They did a great job on the movie. And I definitely left wanting to watch part two RIGHT NOW. Anyone else watch it yet?

Listening: Right now I'm listening to my three year old's movie, "Rock-a-doodle". Don't know if anyone else has seen or heard of that movie. It was mine growing up and now my daughter loves it. Thank heaven we found my grandpa's old VHS player. Also, we of course have lots of christmas music playing. And, going back to Mocking Jay, I've had "Then Hanging Tree" stuck in my head since we watched it. I've always had a knack for picking lyrics up really quick so when I started singing it the next day my husband was surprised I knew all the words already. The problem is, now it won't leave my head.

Wrapping: I haven't wrapped presents yet. I just got some of them in the mail today and the others are projects that I have to finish before I wrap them. Some of them are really big projects, like a doll house. Lets all pray I finish on time!
this is part of the doll house. It's a pretty big job.

Making: Home made bread. mmmm. So good. Also a doll house, and a quiet book.

Anticipating: The end of finals for Trevon. First one is tonight. After this semester he only has one more left. The end is in site!

Thanks for the link up Jenna and Anne.


  1. Wow - are you DIYing a doll house? How fun! I'm impressed with your bread making too. Thanks for linking up!

    1. I'm kind of doing a DIY doll house. It's a kit that I found at Hobby Lobby a couple years ago and just held on to. I got it for a great deal! But you have to paint it and put it all together. I'm excited to share the finished project when it gets done. It's quite the project. As for the bread, thank you! It's taken a long time to get it right but I finally got it down and now I love home made bread.

  2. My husband and I went and watched Mockingjay Thursday night and it was so so good. I felt like I had already watched it, because it was exactly how I pictured everything in my head when I read the book. I am excited to see part 2!

    1. I felt that way too. Yesterday I told my husband I wanted to see it again. We will have to wait until it's in our dollar theater or out on dvd but either way I can't wait to see it again.