Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday (what and when)

Since I started a little late on Thankful Thursday, I decided to combine the what and the when today.
There are so many things that I take for granted everyday and I'm glad I have the chance to sit down and think about the things I'm thankful for.
Starting with the what. I'm thankful for The house I live in. For a year and a half, we lived with my grandpa and with my parents. That was one of the hardest things for our little family to do. It was surprisingly hard to live with family. I love them, but when you're trying to raise a family of your own it's just hard. We didn't get to decorate the way we wanted. We all shared a room for a good amount of time. I didn't get to make a nursery or make new dinners for my family. And I always felt like a guest. (When did "coming home" feel so much like not being home?) After that time we were so blessed that the place we have now landed in our laps. We are still close enough to family that we play with cousins and I see my sister and mom at least twice a week. But we have our own place. When I don't feel like cleaning, I don't have to clean. When I feel like staying up and watching a movie, I can with out waking people up. I do laundry on the days that I want. We have the thermostat set to where we want! Above that, I have a place to call mine. I'm not out on the streets worrying about my kids. I don't feel like a bother to others. And, oh, how nice it is to just be able to go home when I need to be away from my family. (Because we all have those days). It's where my kids feel safe. It's where we make memories.

Now for the when. This one is hard because I'm so thankful for so many times in my life. I'm thankful for the day my husband got home from his mission. It's what I think about every time we have some kind of argument. I'm thankful for the day we got married. The day I had my Jay girl, the day I had Mags. I'm thankful for the day I decided I needed some help to let go of some things in the past, and I started therapy. So many things. But today I'm thankful for when my daughters get along with each other. I love seeing them play together. I love hearing them laugh together. I love when we are all happy enough to just sit and play on the floor together, or cuddle in our orange chair together. I'm thankful for when I'm the happy mom. Sometimes I don't get to be that mom. Every mom has days like that. Sometimes we have days where all we do is cry and throw fits and fight with each other. Or spend the day taking turns in time out. But today, we haven't done any of that (yet). And I'm thankful for that.

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  1. I love this post! Your little girls are so adorable. I can totally relate to the family situation. I never had to live with mine after I was married but they drive me crazy when I simply visit for a few days. lol. I could never live with them!

  2. Living with family is so hard. Even if it's just for a visit.

  3. :) this is so sweet. Your kiddos are too stinking cute! Thanks so much for linking up with us!!! Xoxo