Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our Halloween

Our Halloween was great this year. The day before, we went to a little carnival put on by the assisted living home that my grandpa is living in. It was a fun, little carnival and the kids all had a good time. There was a story teller and some fun games for them to play. After the carnival we went back to our church and caught the last tiny bit of a trunk or treat going on. The girls were pretty tired after that so it was to bed for them as soon as we got home.

Halloween was a pretty lazy day for the first half of the day. We just sat around and relaxed and then got ready to go to our annual "Skeleton Soup Party" that  my grandma has put on for years. I love this tradition! Skeleton soup is any soup you want, you just add plastic skeletons and spider rings right before you serve it so that while the kids eat it, they find little surprises in it.  Everyone dresses up. Even my aunts and uncles dress up. This year the girls costumes were a huge hit!

If you haven't seen the movie A League Of Their Own, go watch it. Right now. It is seriously one of my favorite movies of all time. My girls were the Rockford Peaches.
My mother in law is an excellent seamstress and she made these costumes for me. We found a pattern for it here. I did the patches differently. Instead of ironing them straight on the dress (I wanted to reuse the dresses) I ironed them on white felt with design and iron paper and then Girlie Glued them on the dress so that they would just come right off in the wash. They turned out so perfectly cute!

I wish I would have gotten so cute pictures of the back of the dress but we were rushed for time. By the time we got around to getting pictures, my girls were not going to cooperate for that. Their numbers were their age.

Notice she only has one shoe on. She hates shoes. She also wouldn't leave her hat on.

                        This is a better one of the patches            Look at this little doll. I wish I had
                                                                                                               her hair.

                                          I had to add this picture. These two are best friends.

After all our parties and pictures, the girls got to go trick or treating with Daddy. They were pretty tired though and didn't last very long. But thats ok because that meant I got to watch Harry Potter with Trevon and no interruptions.

What were your kids for Halloween? Or you, if you dressed up! I want to see pictures.


  1. I used to love that movie! Your girls look adorable in their cute costumes. My oldest was a football fan, my middle daughter was the Morton Salt girl, and my little boy was a teenage mutant ninja turtle. Nothing quite so creative as your pretty girls, though!

  2. I think Morton salt girl is pretty creative. Haha that's awesome. Thank you, it was a fun Halloween for them.

  3. Could you tell me how your mom made the patches or would she be willing to embroider a few to sell to me?

    1. So the patches were super easy. I just found the logo (actually I think they may have been included in the dress pattern but you can just google it and find them) and then I printed them on iron on or stick on paper. I ironed it to felt and then to stick them on to the dress is used girlie glue. Girlie glue is actually an adhesive for baby girls hair bows but there are a ton of other ways you can use it. You can buy it from girlie glue.com for I think $7 plus shipping, or I sale it for $5 plus shipping. The great thing about using girlie glue for this is that it wash s right off with waster so you can reuse the dresses for anything else.