Monday, November 10, 2014

fresh garden tomatoes

This is going to be pretty brief but I wanted to share this anyway. I love fresh tomatoes. Especially Early Girl tomatoes. I had two tomato plants in my very small garden this year and I was getting really bummed all summer because only my Roma tomatoes were growing. Then, out of nowhere, I started getting Early Girls to grow. It was late August! I was really worried that they wouldn't ripen before the frost so that I could enjoy them. Well, I mentioned this to my grandma one day and it turns out that you CAN get your tomatoes to ripen inside.  Ok, I knew that once they started to ripen that they would finish just fine inside but, hello!? So I picked all the good sized tomatoes I could find from my plant, I put them in a bucket and put them under my kitchen sink. I looked in there today to check on them and look at how beautifully red they are turning.

I will have fresh tomatoes through the rest of the fall. This makes me so happy. Am I the only person who didn't know you could do this with tomatoes? If not, I hope all the tomato lovers out there keep this tip in mind. No more throwing out tomatoes from frostbite! 

Are there any other garden secrets like this I should know?

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