Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rewards program sites

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about some of the rewards program sites that I use and why I like them. First I got started on these while my husband and I were expecting our first daughter and living with my grandpa. I had heard about Swagbucks on Facebook and thought, hey, why not give it a shot?

 Swagbucks is a website that you can earn points to get gift cards. Amazon, Old Navy, Target,  even Visa gift cards to use online (as well as lots of others). People ask how long it takes to get enough points to buys something. It honestly depends on how much time and energy you want to put into it. At first I was earning up to 1000 points a month because I would get on and do things like surveys or watch "swagbucks tv" while I nursed my baby. Now that my first baby is 3 and my second is 1, I dont have nearly as much time so I earn around 50-100 a week depending on how quiet time goes. (thats on a good week). The easiest way to earn points is doing the daily poll and using their search engine, because you randomly get points for searching for things. Swagbucks is honestly the easiest rewards program site because you can basically do it absentmindedly. you just log in and use their search engine and some days you can get 3 or more "wins" from just searching each day.  The last 3 Christmas's have been bought with my Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks, as well as a few birthday or easter gifts or random things here and there. If you're interested in checking out Swagbucks click here to get going on it. Don't worry, you don't get any spam mail unless you sign up for the newsletter.

Crowdtap: Ok so Crowdtap I feel still fairly new to but its pretty easy. It takes a little more time than swagbucks but its also pretty rewarding. On Crowdtap you take short surveys, called "quickhits", for brands. some of them are big name brands like Kelloggs, Campbells, Advil...The list goes on. Anyway, for every quick hit you get points and every 100 points puts your name in a drawing for a giftcard at the end of the month. I know that doesn't sound very promising but, I've earned at least one $5 gift card a month for the last year (except for maybe a couple months in there somewhere). Plus, they send you free samples to try and review. Let me the year I've been using crowdtap, I've gotten toilet paper and flushable wipes (twice i think), Hershey's chocolate spread, Truvia, Sweet n' Low, Viva paper towels, Advil, Ragu, Skintamit, and I'm waiting on a huge box from Campbells right now. I know there have been others. Thats all on top of the gift cards. And, when you do the review it gives you more you can see that its a pretty good deal. It does take a little more time than Swagbucks. I usually do it twice a week and it takes me about a half hour or so to get through all of my  quick hits and other things on there. But, like swagbucks you get out of it what you put into it.  So if you want to check out Crowdtap, I dont have a direct link for it but you just go to and sign up.

Bzzagent: This is another good one for free products to try out. It takes a little while to start getting products but once you get one they come more often and the reviews are pretty simple. You do also get points through mypoints on this site but I haven't ever been able to get enough points to use them on anything yet. Although I'm still fairly new at this one. Its been probably about a year on this one and I've reviewed childrends Claritin, Glade wax melts, Coppertone sunscreen, and some Dial face soap. If you want to check out bzzagent, go to

This one is my least favorite probably because its a little harder for me to accomplish the reviews. They have made some changes recently though that have made things a little easier. So this is a lot like bzzagent. They send you free products to try and then you review them and spread the word. You give some of your samples away and talk to the person about smiley360 and about the brand. Which is why its harder for me. I'm not usually one to bring something like that up in a conversation. I feel like I'm shoving the information down the persons throat that way. However I have done a few of them and got some awesome products from them: Childrens Advil, a HUGE pack of Bic markers, Toothpaste and an electric toothbrush from Arm and Hammer, a diffused water bottle, a book, Emergen-C, Campbells soup, Franks hot sauce, toilet paper, Centrum vitamins, and baking soda from Arm and Hammer. So if thats what sounds good to you got to and sign yourself up!

These sites can be time consuming sometimes but I can not tell you how many times the samples have saved me money. We just barely ran out of Children's Advil and I got that one probably 2 years ago, and I still have half a bottle of hot sauce and a full bottle of Ragu to use. Most of the products I've gotten have been full size. And on top of that most of these websites offer some kind of points to add up to something. This is a really great way to save a little money when you're penny pinching, or to just try new things out.

Here are a few pictures of a few of my samples (clearly not all of them). Sorry for the bad, phone quality, I promise I will take better pictures from now on!

If you have any questions feel free to ask, I will do my very best to answer them. Thanks for reading!

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