Friday, October 24, 2014

Flower and polka dot frosting

Last week my baby turned one! I decided to make her a flowered cake. I took a cake decorating class by Wilton several years ago and haven't done a lot of cake decorating since. So I decided to brush off my kit and try it out.

I didn't take a lot of pictures for directions, mostly just because I didn't think about blogging about this until I was done and thought "oh hey, maybe someone else would like to know how to do it." So I'm sorry about that, but I will do my best to explain it and I will add links to the Wilton page as well. 

So here it is. Pretty simple but I think it turned out really great, especially after years of not doing this stuff. So to start out I made a chocolate box cake with 2 round 9" pans. After they cool off, you get a bread knife and cut off the very top of the cake so it's a little flatter. Here is a really great recipe for buttercream frosting. I didn't use it but that frosting is WAY better to pipe with than the one I used, trust me. You spread a layer of frosting on the bottom half of the cake and then (after cutting the top of the second cake off) you put that on top of the frosted cake, upside down. So the flatter part is on the top. 
Next, start frosting the top of the cake. Every once in a while, rinse your frosting spatula (or butter knife) off. that helps it spread evenly with out a lot of cake sticking to it. Once the top is frosted, start on the sides. Here is a link to show you step by step.
When all of that is frosted, put what ever frosting you want the flowers to be in one pipping bag, and the other color for the dots in another bag. For the flowers I used the 2D tip and for the dots I used the 3 tip. When you're piping the flowers, you hold the bag straight up and down and lightly place the tip on top of the cake and as you squeeze the frosting out you twist your hand a little. Then for the dots you hold the bag the same way and squeeze as much as you want out. The harder you squeeze, the bigger your dot will be. Here is the exact same flower instructions. 

Now as you can see, my flowers started to droop a little after I piped them on. That is because my frosting was too thin. Thats why the Wilton frosting is much better. But, I think it turned out pretty good for it being a long time. Next time I will have thicker frosting and stronger flowers 

Heres a little tip: if your frosting is starting to seem thin, put it in the freezer for a minute or the fridge for a few minutes and then try piping it again. When frosting gets warm it gets runnier. 

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