About Me

Hi, I'm Jenny. I'm a 30-year-old who grew up in Utah and stayed here. Running has been one of my favorite things for the last 20 years now. You'll hear a lot about that on this blog and you can read about how running all started for me HERE. I also have a love for photography, food, trying new things, and, of course, my family.  

I'm a mom of these two sweet girls, J and M and a baby boy, V.  My days are spent with them. We try to fill it with lots of fun adventures, which you will also hear a lot about here. 

I'm married to this guy, Trevon. We like each other a lot and try to spend a lot of time together too. We've been married for 9 years and have known each other for a lot longer than that. 

If you're interested in that whole story, you can read more about us here. I suggest it because it's cute:

I started blogging for a couple of reasons. First, because as a stay at home mom of toddlers I needed a way to use my brain in a different way. Also because there are a lot of things that I love and that I want others to enjoy with me.  Running is one of them. I've been running for 20 years and I've learned a lot over those 20 years. But, if that's not your thing you'll still find a lot of other great things here, on my blog.  Some other things you may find on here might be:

Workout tips**
Product Reviews
 bits and pieces of our family life
 maybe even a giveaway or some great deals here and there.

So stick around!

**I am not a personal trainer, running coach or doctor. I'm just a mom who loves to workout, stay fit,  and wants to share my experiences and many other things with others.


  1. Awwww.....my husband and I got married on October 13, 2010!

    1. It's a good day for a wedding. Ours was super windy and that made it cold so I hope yours was beautiful weather.