Monday, July 15, 2019

Why You Should Go to the Race Expo

I want to talk about race expos today.  Before my last race, I never spent much time at an expo, and honestly, most of my races didn't have full expos. Most packet pickups were just that for me and when a race expo was part of it I didn't think much about going. But this race expo changed my mind and now I want to go to every race expo I can, here's why:

Packet Pick up is part of the race expo anyway so you might as well stick around for a little while and let the atmosphere pump you up. There will be other people racing or people who are helping with the race and all of them will be just as excited about race day as you. It's like hanging out with all the endorphins that you get when you run times a thousand.

A lot of times when you go to an expo, they have free samples or products for the racers. Last time I got a free exercise band, 3 kids shirts, and lots of samples of protein bars, plus the stuff you get in your packet. Someone was also giving away nice water bottles and towels.

They have fun activities for kids. Or at least this one did. And if I can kill a few hours of the day with all three kids having fun, I will do it! They had lots of fun things for the kids like decorating cheer cards, temporary tattoos, free shirts and snow cones which my kids had a few each.

It's a chance to see a little bit of the course.  A lot of the race expos are at the starting line or finish line of the course. So you'll get to see how they are setting things up to make it easier for race day.

You don't have to go and spend the whole day at the race expo, you can definitely get your fill with an hour or so there, but the next time your race has a pre-race expo, GO! Enjoy the atmosphere, the excitement, and the free stuff to get you ready for race day.

Do you enjoy race expos?

What is the best thing you've gotten for free from a race expo?

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