Wednesday, July 31, 2019

An Update on Us and the Cabin Mudslide

It's been a while since I've posted. I've really been trying to soak up the summer with my kids and not worrying so much about schedules or anything like that.  So I decided to do a little catch up on what we've been up to.

We've been using the weekends to our advantage as much as possible. A couple of Saturdays ago we took a little walk around a duck pond near our area.

They have a little river with some waterfalls and our kids wanted to stick their feet in.

J just finished reading Harry Potter for the first time. That's a big thing in our house and now she's begging to watch the movie.

Trevon and V played someone on one.

The girls played with their best friends before they moved away.

V is really into superheroes right now and he goes from pretending he's a different one every few minutes. (Don't mind the quilt mess).

We went out for ice cream.

And ended up running into my grandpa at the store so we helped him shop and then he paid for our groceries.  You can't say no to grandparents with stuff like that, it's impossible.

We had a family swim party with fireworks for Pioneer day ( a Utah holiday).

I went on some great runs.

Last Friday Trevon was going to get home early and we were going to go up to the cabin.  My cousin invited me and the kids hiking and suckers in the morning so we met her at our trailhead.  Right before we got there her son fell and cut his lip open so we had to cancel and he got stitches. Poor kid.  The kids and I decided we would stay and hike anyway but we ended up seeing a snake and that was the end of that because J couldn't get herself to get out of the car. So we waited in the car for a while and then my cousin said they were still up for getting suckers, so we met her up at Sundance.

This is a place that I really should spend more time at.  We all got old fashioned suckers and then walked around and played outside for a while.

I didn't notice how late we were leaving and we didn't have service to reach anyone so we headed home. Turned out that Trevon also left late.

We got home, packed some clothes and dinner and headed for the cabin. We are so lucky to have the cabin and have it so close to our home so leaving late isn't that big of a deal.  As we got into the canyon we drove right into a huge rainstorm and got a flash flood warning.

We ended up getting stuck in traffic about a quarter-mile away from our turn off. We only get service in one spot up there so we couldn't find out what was going on. But we did watch the river get bigger and bigger. We also got to see a lot of cool emergency vehicles coming by.

After an hour and a half of waiting, we were told to turn around. I told the trooper that our turn off was literally around the corner and he said there's no way to get around the corner. So we headed for home.

Turns out while we waited, the river flooded the road and we were driving through several feet of water in some places which was a little nerve-racking but we stayed calm and positive and made it home safely with no problems.

Once we got home we took a look at some of the news pictures and realized that the mudslide was right at our turn off. We didn't know if our bridge was even still there. We also got lots of phone calls the second we got service (our family making sure we were either at the cabin safe, or home safe).  Once we talked to my grandpa he decided he would do what he could to get up there the next day to see how bad things were. Once he got up there we found out that our cabin itself was once again ok! (you can read here about the fires last year).  But all of our land got covered in a few feet of mud and rocks.

This is going to take a lot, A LOT, of clean up work.

We started to think about if we would have left when we were supposed to, we would have been stuck up there with no water or cell service! While it would have been kind of cool to watch that, I'm pretty sure it would have been bad news for our car and our kids would have been terrified. So we are glad we got home safe.

Now we are just waiting to know how to help with the cleanup. 

J's birthday is this weekend! She will be 8. If you wish her a happy birthday, I'll read the comments to her.

What has your summer been like?

Do you have any crazy weather going on around you right now?

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  1. Happy Birthday J!

    I think today, July 31st would be a perfect day to watch the Harry Potter Movie because today is Harry's Birthday! It would be a great way to celebrate J's birthday early! :)