Tuesday, June 25, 2019

That Now What Feeling and What's Next

After you have trained for a race of any distance, you have worked hard to meet your goals, and then you run the race and you feel all the emotions and excitement and you push yourself and you do your best! And then it's over, and sometimes whether you've met your goal or not, you get this feeling of "now what?"

This feeling is why I always love having a race planned. This is the feeling that makes me feel empty or lost in my training. What am I working for now?  And a lot of times, this feeling is why I immediately look for another race to sign up and train for. Its post-race depression and while I'm pretty sure this isn't a medically diagnosable thing, it feels real and I'm not alone in that feeling.

And now because of this, I am working on coming up with new goals. There's always another race, I'm eyeing a half marathon later this summer, but in reality, it probably won't happen.  I know there's a 5k that I want to run in the fall time, but it doesn't take me a long time to prepare for that, so I start getting that "what now" feeling.

Sometimes when I'm looking for smaller goals to make, I look at my bigger goals and how I can break them down to work out what goals I can work on in the meantime. Most of mine have to do with getting PRs in all sorts of races. But while I'm waiting to race again, I can start working more on speed workouts and adding them in my training more than I would normally while not having a specific race coming up. This is a good time to also look at things to improve like running form which requires a lot of practice as well as strength training.

I think that until I decide exactly what my next race move will be, I'm going to be working on speed. A PR is hanging around in the future, it's just a matter of time and work for me to catch it. Specifically a 5k PR. I've always wanted a sub 20 minute 5k, so I think that will be my biggest goal for now.

Do you ever have post-race depression?

What is your current goal?

How do you decide what your next goal will be?

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