Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Missing a Run During Training

Training for many of us is in full swing but even if we are all focusing on training, life still happens. If you're training for something specific, especially if you're working for a PR, it's important to get all of your runs in. But that doesn't always work out.  If you find yourself in a situation that you won't be able to get a run in, I wanted to share some of the things I do to make sure that even without that run, I'm getting the most out of my training.

First, I'm not working with a specific coach one on one, but if I was the first thing I'd do is ask what they think most important.  A lot of times you can combine a long run with a tempo run or even a speed workout if you plan in advance, but if you aren't able to do that, the coach you are working with should know what will be best for your training.

If you're not working directly with a coach, which I don't at the moment, I look at my running schedule and try to make sure I get as much of the training in as possible. But sometimes when that doesn't happen I either combine runs or I look at a few different variables to decide which run would be ok for me to miss and which ones I for sure need to get in.

1. How much time do I actually have? If it's a situation where I'm trying to get ready to go on a vacation and I know I won't get all of the runs in or I'm on a timeline, I look at my schedule and make sure that I get at least one of the runs in before leaving. A lot of time that means frontloading my week with all of my runs and no strength training or rest days. It also means that I make sure to get a run in the night or the morning before we are leaving.  Even if it means waking up an hour earlier or making sure I'm all packed the night before to allow time go running. I just do my best to juggle things around to make time to get it all in.

2. I think of my goals for the race I'm training for and I decide which run is going to be most beneficial.  If you're feeling like your not ready for how long the race is, clearly the most important run would be your long run/endurance run. Right now if I was to skip a run in the training I'm currently doing, I'd choose to focus more on speed work because I know I can make a 10k distance at this point. Look at your goals for your race and decide what the most important run is at the moment, then you'll know to skip the other run.

3. If you're feeling confident in your training at the moment, then it's ok to just pick the workout that seems the most fun to you at the time. Especially if you're just running the race your training for for fun. If you're not going into it hoping for a PR of  BQ or your first time, it's just more of a fun run for you, just pick what you feel like doing and don't worry about the rest.

When it comes down to missing a run on your training, there's no need to worry or panic.  You've been working hard to add those miles into your running bank account and missing one run won't be a big deal. The last thing you want to add to a vacation or even just a busy week is stress. Do what you can and relax about the rest.

Do you usually race for fun or with a goal?

What run do you normally skip when you need to?

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