Monday, June 17, 2019

I Missed My Run but We Won!!

Last week was a little bit crazy with lots of things on the schedule, spontaneously deciding to work on potty training, and then dealing with sick littles all week. It was the first time this whole training cycle that I wasn't able to do all of my planned runs. But that's ok! Missing a workout, especially this far into training, doesn't stress me out that much anymore. 

Every time we go out for a run, we are adding up the miles in our running bank account.  Thinking of it that way helps me to relax when it comes to missing one run.  At this point in my training, my account has added up pretty well and I know that missing one run isn't going to deplete it all. It's always better to get a workout in, but things happen and sometimes you get busy, or you get sick, or things come up that make it hard to get it done.  I know that missing that one tempo run isn't going to change much on race day (which is THIS WEEK!). You can read more about what to do when you're going to be missing some workouts due to summer plans HERE

So, now why I missed Saturdays workout?  Well, I had planned on doing it Friday because I knew that we were going to be playing all day Saturday, but that didn't happen either because I woke up with V's cough.  So I rested instead.  Then on Saturday, we got to go to Lagoon with Trevon's work. They do this for their employees every summer and it's probably my favorite thing about him working at Blender Bottle (you know, besides having a steady income ;)). 

We didn't have to get a babysitter this time because V is old enough to go on a lot of the rides. Plus the girls are getting big enough to go on a lot of the good rides. 

I lost my voice so it made it really hard to communicate but it was still fun.

The girls found ways to entertain each other while we stood in line. 

One really great thing about Lagoon is that they have a little splash pad for when it gets hot outside. V and M were really happy about that.

We took turns with V when he couldn't ride. Trevon took the girls on Wicked while I took V on a car ride. 

Then we met the rest of the Blender Bottle group for dinner.  Halfway through dinner, the girls both needed to go to the bathroom so I took them and there was randomly a huge line.  By the time we got back Trevon had V get in the employee picture with him since I was gone. V started coughing so hard that he threw up all over Trevon and himself. I started helping Trevon with V and as he was still throwing up, Trevon let me know that we had won the grand prize in the raffle that they do every year. 2 free flights to anywhere in the continental US! So between V's throw ups, I was jumping up and down haha. Poor kid has been feeling mostly better, but when he starts coughing sometimes he just can't get it to stop.  He's doing much better now though!  

Thanks to Chandler, who has to be the funniest and happiest Blender Bottle employee, for taking our picture with our prize for us! He also snapped this special surprise for us. 

And here's our winning ticket number.

When was the last time you won something?

How many workouts do you usually skip during a training cycle?

We need suggestions! If you could fly anywhere in the continental US where would you go and why?

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