Friday, June 21, 2019

Fast Friday

It's Friday! This post is a little late because we've had another kind of crazy week. This summer is turning out to be a busy but fun one.

Last weekend we went to the park with a few friends and the sprinklers were on so we all decided to run in them.

We went to Lagoon with Trevon's work, you can read more about that HERE.

I got some running in.  I tried to keep this week's workouts a little more light. Monday night I did a 3.5 mile easier tempo run.

M started saying her ear hurt so we went back to the doctor. Turns out she got swimmers ear. They gave us a prescription for some ear drops. While we waited we went to get a car wash because having a nice clean car makes me really happy. And now that she's been using ear drops she's feeling better!

I got my new swimsuit in. I got it from Coral Reef Swim. I love it. It's a great price and fantastic quality, and I love the back of it. 

The girls have been begging to do a lemonade stand so we put one together for a couple of hours this week. They sold pink lemonade and chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. And they made a good amount of money. I think this will end up being a regular thing this year because J really wants to save up to go back to Disneyland. Honestly, with how much they made in 2 hours on a weekday afternoon, it wouldn't surprise me if they made that much.

Foam rolling happened to help me stay nice a loose. While I was foam rolling I found this show and it was hilarious!

V insisted on going to bed with this hat on the other night and he still had it on when he woke up.

I did a quick 2-mile shakeout run and decided I'll be wearing THESE leggings on race day (that's an affiliate link btw;) ). They are incredibly comfortable and it's going to be chilly running race day thanks to a cold front coming in. Why can't summer just decide to stick around this year?

I'll be back next week with a race recap!

Who has a race this weekend?

Did you ever do lemonade stands as a kid? Were you successful?
  We never really did so I'm surprised how well they actually do.


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