Friday, June 7, 2019

Fast Friday

This has felt like a pretty long week. We had a lot going on and now we are ready for the weekend, here's the fast Friday post.

Last weekend Trevon and V went camping so we girls had a girls night. 

We started out having dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe. 

Then we went to my mom's house and made these cute fairy gardens with some of their other girl cousins. My girls have wanted to make one of these for a year so It was fun to finally do it.

It has finally been warm enough outside to call it summer. There have been lots of water balloons filled up and some pool time this week.

When this magazine comes in the mail, we know our favorite time of year has arrived!

V turned 3 this week! Sometimes it feels like he was just born.

He wanted a digger cake.

And he got Woody for his birthday.

He's also really into The Incredibles right now so the girls gave him an Incredibles costume.

Then right after his birthday, we decided to work on the potty training stuff. Probably one of my least favorite things as a parent. So far he's only had one accident. Fingers crossed it keeps going that well.

My workouts for the last week looked like this:

Saturday I got a run in around noon when Trevon and V got back. It was way warmer than I was prepared for. I've been so used to running in 50º-60º weather and my body hasn't gotten used to heat.

Sunday was a rest day

Monday was an easy run in the evening.

Tuesday We have a busy day today so my workout was quick but efficient. It only took 18 minutes! 
Each move for 30 seconds
Lunges with shoulder press
Single leg deadlift
Bent over row
Step up with high knee
Chest press
Side plank
Sit ups

Do the whole thing on with one side and then the whole thing with the other side. Repeat as many times as you have time for.

Wednesday was a rest day.

Thursday was Fartleks. That's where you do intervals that get shorter but faster with every interval (or longer but slower)

Friday is all about stretching, foam rolling and relaxing.

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! 

Do you have any fun things planned this weekend?

Who has a birthday in June?

Is it summer in your area?


  1. I love the fairy gardens! My kids love doing that and are excited for water balloons too!

    1. Isn't summer just the best?! I hope you get to do all the fun things! I want to see pictures of your fairy garden when you do one!