Friday, May 17, 2019

Fast Friday

Welcome to the weekend! How did your week go? It's the end of the school year here which means we have a lot of stuff going on and a lot of excitement happening at our house. We love summer!

Last weekend I was feeling the need for a little body weight workout and it was nice outside so I took the kids to the park and did THIS workout while they played. It was so nice to get some sun, get a workout in, and entertain the kids all at the same time. We had a picnic while we were there too.

When we got home the kids watched a movie and then went to play outside again so I decided to get some work done. I heard some noise in the kitchen and went in there to find this. V had decided he wanted an apple and that he would take care of it on his own...He's getting to be a really big handful lately.

J came home from school on Friday in a really giggly mood. She was laughing at anything and everything. And when I asked her why she was laughing, she laughed harder.

For Mothers day J made me all of these pictures and stuck them by my bed.

M let me actually do her hair other than brushing it so I had to document that. It's been a long time since J or M will let me do their hair.

V and I did a lot of playing this week. I've never been good at playing pretend with my kids. I'm good at other things, but not so much that. I made a huge effort to do that more this week and V really loved it.

M graduated from her second year of preschool. Now we are ready for kindergarten next fall!

V has been really concerned about our knees lately and wants to give them multiple check-ups a day.

Wednesday night Trevon had a meeting so I put the kids to bed early and started a pamper myself night. It started out with a creamie...

Then I bleached my teeth and put a facial mask on.

And then Trevon came home early. That's ok though, it was good to have time to sit and talk with him. And the facial was still amazing. HERE is an affiliate link to the one I used so you can enjoy it too!

Thursday morning began with a really hard sprint session. 12X30 second sprints with 1-minute recovery in between each sprint. I thought I might die about half way through but I'm still here :). 1.8 miles is what I finished at for that workout.

Sprints are challenging and hardly a favorite thing of mine. But if you want to become a faster runner, you have to practice running fast. So these workouts are always hard for me but I keep doing them to help me improve! Just like anything else in life, we have to do things we don't always want to do to keep progressing. Even if it hurts or it's hard.

Then I refueled with my favorite granola. You can find the recipe HERE.

If you want to see how my other workouts for this week went you can find them HERE and HERE.

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What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

What was your favorite workout this week?

Do you have a favorite food to refuel after a hard workout?

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