Tuesday, May 14, 2019

10K Training Update:Think Positive

Saturday's run didn't go quite as well as I was hoping for. Not that it was bad. It was actually pretty decent. I was hoping for a good 5-mile tempo run but my tempos were all over the place.  

I started to struggle when I went to my regular drinking fountain and realized it still hasn't been turned on! So I started feeling thirsty early on. I just did my best to ignore it.  I stopped for a little break and decided to take a picture of this field, and then a guy who lived nearby noticed me and asked if he could take a picture for me so I wouldn't have to mess with self-timer.

After my little photo break, I was feeling better and picked my pace up a little bit. My breaks became more of walking breaks than jogging breaks but I was still feeling a little better than I did before. 

When I started feeling tired, I repeated this song. It's one I found from my high school running playlist. I started noticing how much better I was doing, and I think it's because all of the positive "I am" statements going on in that song. 

I ended with 5.5 miles at 8:30 pace. I'm going to be putting together a more structured workout plan for the rest of this training. Since Aaptiv took my 10k training off I've been a little messy with my running plan.  They did say they are working on new plans and I'm crossing my fingers that the new plans will include a really good plan for each race. 

Sunday was a rest day, like usual. I did a lot of relaxing and being with family. And Monday I did an easy evening run.  Somedays I just feel like evening runs are my favorite. 


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