Thursday, May 23, 2019

10k Training Update!

This week's training is off to a good start.  Monday runs are always a favorite because on Mondays I get to run with my sister in law-Laura- and we don't worry about pace at all. We just pick a distance and have a good relaxing run while we get to catch up.  This week has been cold here. We aren't sure when summer will make an appearance but hopefully soon. And because of that, we had to dress warm for our run.

4 easy miles in long sleeves and pants.

Tuesday morning was all about strength training. I woke up really early to get this one in. Actually, I woke up really early and decided I couldn't just lay in bed anymore so I got up and got it done.  Here's how the workout went.

Morning strength training Tuesday.  A big part of staying healthy and uninjured as a runner is making sure you've spent time cross training and strength training. Building muscles helps our muscles support us on our runs. Here’s the break down for Tuesday's workout :

Warm up with core.
40 seconds of flutter kicks, 40 seconds of bicycles. 3 x each
60 seconds to complete 12-15 of each of these:
Boulder shoulder combo, bicep to shoulder press, plank (60 sec), single leg bridge, butterfly bridge, sumo squat pile on toes. Repeat 3 times.

Wednesday was a rest day. There was a lot of relaxing, housework, hobbies, kids, and some foam rolling.

Today is speed work, and I'll share more about that later.

Do you have a weekly workout routine?

How often do you strength/cross train?

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