Thursday, May 2, 2019

10K Training Update: Speed work and Strength training

Ready for another training update? 

My training plan for this cycle has me running 4 days a week and doing strength training once a week.  That gives me either two rest days or an extra easy run day. I did it that way so that I can be sure to not get injured. Looking back at my half marathon training, it went perfectly! Up until right before the race and I ended up with IT Band Syndrom. Despite that, my training still paid off, but this year my biggest goal was to not get injured again.

Monday night I realized that I need to be way better and more consistent with how many runs I'm getting in a week. So after I put kids to bed, I went to the clubhouse and ran on the treadmill. It was later than I wanted, but I got it done. 8X1 minute sprints with 1-minute recovery in between. For me, that ended up being 2.8 miles total. This workout always seems like it's going to be so long and hard with that many sprints but it goes by so fast!

I couldn't sleep that night but I still wanted to get up and do my workout the next morning. This happens to me a lot when I run too late. I try to get every evening run done before 8:45-9, otherwise my mind is so awake until midnight.  Some days that works and some days it doesn't. For the most part, I get my runs and workouts done in the morning but sometimes an evening run calls my name and I have to make sure I get it done early.

Tuesday morning called for strength training. I found a workout on Aaptiv. There are so many reasons I love using Aaptiv. You can read more about that HERE.  The workout was quick because I needed to sleep a little longer than normal, and because I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get a good stretch in afterward. Here's what it consisted of:

Rows to Pushups
Leg Lifts and Chest Press combo
Tricep Dips
Bicep Curls to Shoulder Press
Bear Planks
Squats to Lateral Leg Lifts
Jump squats

It was an AMRAP style workout so you do as many as you can in a given time. This time it was 40 seconds off, 20 seconds rest, two rounds with a minute rest in between.  I finished off with a good stretch routine, also found on Aaptiv because otherwise, I start getting distracted sometimes haha.

Part of training, a part that a lot of people forget about, is nutrition.  If you don't fuel right and refuel right after a hard workout, your body won't be able to rebuild the muscles and you will end up unable to hit your goals and probably be injured. So making sure that I get a good amount of protein in my diet is pretty important (along with all the vitamins that I need to, obviously) So I try to refuel within an hour or so after my workout. Nutritionists will tell you that ideally, you should eat 30 minutes after, but I think this depends a lot on the person. I have 3 kids to get going in the morning and some days I don't get to eat breakfast until much later in the morning, but I do try to get it in as quick as I can after my workouts. On the days that we are rushing in the mornings, I need something that won't just refuel me well, but that will also be super fast and easy to make and eat. So on Tuesday morning I went for some Kodiak Cakes. I wanted their Mountain Berry syrup on them, but I ran out :( so I settled for raspberry jam on them instead.

How many times a week do you run?

When was the last time you were injured?

What is your favorite way to refuel?

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