Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Mid-day Tempo Run to Lunch

Surprise! I decided to try keeping track of my training on a closer-to-daily basis rather than weekly. We will see how this goes because finding time as a stay at home mom of 3 little kids isn't a super easy thing to do right now but I thought it would be fun for me (and hopefully some of you) to keep track of not only the runs I went on, paces, etc, but to keep track of my thoughts and feelings from my training. These will probably be shorter posts and more of a journal than anything else. But I hope you decide to follow along, and as always, if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them.

Now that this 10K training that I'm working on is well underway, I'm starting to get a better idea of where my goal time should be hitting and how much work I'm going to have to do to hit it. 

On Saturday I went out for a mid-day run. One thing about me is that I've always been able to run at basically any time of day. I don't have a strong feeling of when it's best to get a workout in.  It was warmer than I have been used to but if I plan right, I still do just fine. 

So I did my tempo run, which looked something like 5 minutes of warm-up and then 5-minute tempos with 1-minute recovery 4 times. I felt like I was going really slow. I was pushing myself hard but I felt like my legs were going so slow. I was really surprised when I got done and checked my pace (I don't have a GPS watch) on my phone and saw that my pace was faster than I expected. I ended up with an average pace of 8:06 mile.

That's always such a great feeling.  It means that while I definitely have work to do to hit my 45-minute 10k goal, I am in a better place than I thought I was. But I know that there are still going to be days where my run just doesn't go as well.  And on the days that we have those hard runs, we need to remember that a hard/bad run doesn't mean that our whole training is going bad or that our race isn't going to go well. 

Hard/bad runs have their place too.  Those runs give us something to look back on and remember that if we got through one bad run, we can certainly push through another. The show us our weaknesses and the things that we need to work on. They help us know what to spend more time and attention on in our training.

I ended at Jdawgs in Orem to refuel with lunch with my cousins. A hot dog with onion, pickle, mayo and their special sauce tasted so dang good after that run, along with a lot of water.

Then my cousin and her husband brought me home because running on that full of a stomach would be a terrible idea.

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Do you like hotdogs? If so what do you like on them?

What is your favorite time of day to run?

How do you track your pace?

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