Monday, April 22, 2019

Find the Best Running Clothes

There might be nothing worse than wearing workout clothes that you hate while on a run. Or buying new workout gear only to realize that you hate it the first time you run in it. This doesn't happen a ton to me, but it happened the other day and I realized that some of you might be wondering, "how do I find workout gear that I will love without spending money and hating it once I wear it?" And I'm going to give you guys a few tips on that today.

First, let's talk about what the "perfect" running clothes are for you.  Like running shoes, this is going to be different for every single person. Some like loose fit clothing, some like only running leggings, some like to wear compression shorts and some like skimps. It's all dependant on each person and what they are most comfortable in.  So I can't tell you exactly what to go out and buy. But I can tell you what to look for.

Good Fit

When you're buying new running clothes at a store, try them on.  That is your only way of knowing if they are even a possibility for you to run in.  It's your chance to make sure you have the right size and that the piece fits true to size, it's the only way to know if it's probably going to rub weird or if the waistband in the shorts is too loose. You also don't want anything too small and will dig into your skin. Try them on. I hated the shorts in this picture for running because they were my size but too loose. Now they are only for strength training for me.

And while you're trying them on, pay attention to what you hate about them and what you love about them. Run in place a little in the dressing room and see if anything changes. You might find a pair of shorts that are super cute and fun colors, but when you put them on the waistband is a little loose, it's not worth buying them.  You'll get on your run and feel like you're constantly pulling your shorts up so that you won't lose them.  Or if something feels too tight, or too short, or too long, or rides up when you move, you'll notice that the whole time you're running. So make sure you pay attention too how much you like them just trying them on. If you don't love them in the store, you're not going to like them running. 

Find clothes that don't rub weird anywhere. It isn't any fun to be on a run and have your arms chafing because your tank sleeve is rubbing it weird. Same goes for shorts or bras or anything else.


A lot of the questions I got were about finding good quality running clothes for an affordable price. I get that 100%. Running clothes have gotten so cute, but they've also started getting very expensive. And I'm not someone who likes to spend that much money on a piece of clothing I'll be sweating in. I don't go to the gym to have people look at me (Not that I go to the gym at all right now), I go to workout so I honestly don't care that much about how cute my outfit looks. Though it is nice to have the option now.

Anyway, Back to what we were talking about, pricing. I find most of my running gear at Old Navy or Target and they always have some reasonable prices. The outfit in the picture below is all from Old Navy.

You could also shop at your local running shop and make sure to shop on sales and coupons.  I love my local running shop and last year I shopped during one of their big seasonal sales, plus I had a $10 off coupon and I ended up buying 2 pairs of my favorite running shoes for $60! Shopping sales is totally worth the time looking through the piles of stuff that you're in need of.  Shop seasonal sales for next winter's running gear.

If your shoes are a really good deal consider buying two pairs and either saving one for when yours ware out or switch between the two shoes to get a little more life out of them.

Where to buy

There are so many options now for finding running/workout clothes. And honestly, it's all about personal preference.  I don't like to spend much money (like I mentioned before) so I don't shop at fancy places. Mostly at Target and Old Navy.  But I will tell you that Old Navy's running shorts (not the compression shorts, but the that even the real name? probably not.) tend to stretch out in the elastic area easier. So keep that in mind. I really love my Champion brands and all of my compression shorts. I love the Fabletics leggings which have lasted me several years.  My best advice here is to try a whole bunch of different styles and brands on and buy several in the things you like the most. This shirt is Old Navy, the leggings are from Fabletics.

What is your biggest running clothes pet peeve?

What is your favorite brand of workout gear?


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