Friday, March 22, 2019

Fast Friday x 2

Since we have been having computer issues I didn't get to do a fast Friday post for last week, so this week's Fast Friday is a combination of things over the last two weeks :).

It's been warming up so we have been spending a lot of time outside.

And when it does rain/snow, J has been pretty insistent that she takes her umbrella to school. 

The other day I went down in our basement/crawlspace to find something and I heard V yell "Mom, grab on! I help you!" I looked over and saw that he had thrown me a rope to help me get out haha. That kid! 

While doing some spring cleaning, I found my old Gameboy Color and it still works great. So that's been entertaining. 

We have been doing more family night stuff lately and one of the things we talked about was working together. We had each kid try to roll Trevon over on their own and when no one could do it we had all three of them work together to roll him over. We love it when our lessons are easy to plan with these kinds of activities. 

V has never been a big book reader so it was a big deal when he sat down and let me read with him for an hour the other night. 

We've been eating a lot of these breakfast sandwiches lately and loving them.  We use the pre-cooked sausage from Costco to make it super easy. 

For Christmas Trevon got me a whole bunch of Sistema Tupperware.  It's awesome stuff. I love this one because it can fit a whole meal in and at warming food up with Sistema makes the taste and texture super fresh like it's the first time you cooked it. So anytime we have leftovers from dinner, it gets put in this and I have it for lunch the next day. 

We got to go over to my parent's house for a little while the other day and M just sat and played with these little animals for a while. It reminded me of what an awesome imagination this girl has! 

Then we spent more time outside because when it's 60 degrees outside you stay outside. 

My workouts the last couple of weeks looked something like this:

Saturdays --> outside running

Sundays --> Rest

Mondays --> Rest

Tuesdays --> Strength training 

Wednesdays--> foam rolling

Thursdays --> running and upper body workout

Fridays --> Rest

Getting closer to the start of training and I've been feeling a little better every time I run.  My IT band gets tight when I run outside but after foam rolling it feels better. All good signs! 

Do you normally have leftovers from dinner?

Is it warming up in your area?

How is your training going, or have you started yet?

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