Wednesday, February 13, 2019

How To Boost Your Energy, Naturally

How many of us would love to have a little extra energy during the day?  When most people start to feel a slump coming on in their day, the go get a coffee or some other form of caffeine. The problem is, when that becomes your go-to every time you are tired, you're going to become addicted to it and then it messes up your sleep habits (which leads you to be more tired), You start to get headaches when you don't have it, and it can also make you feel more anxious.  So, let's talk about some ways to give yourself some more energy without drinking the caffeine.

All of these things are things that you can do EASY! They are the obvious answers that we all know, but we sometimes forget or maybe don't understand how or why these things work.

First, obviously, get more sleep! Most people get around 6 hours of sleep at night, and that's it! We should be getting 7-9 hours every night. Sleep is the time for your whole body to rest, recover, grow and be ready to move the next day.  If we don't get enough sleep so many things stop working to the best of their ability. It's not always easy to get enough sleep, as a mom of 3 I know that well, but there are some things you can do to help you sleep better.
  • Get yourself a bedtime routine to help tell your body it's time to wind down.
  • Put your phone somewhere else. I use my phone for my alarm, so it's in my room, but Trevon and I both put our phones on the other side of the room instead of on our nightstands. 
  • Do a little relaxation meditation

Make sure you're hydrated. This is something I struggle with! I've said it over and over, but I do try to stay hydrated for more than just energy reasons. When you get dehydrated your body starts to feel fatigued. Your body needs that water to function. It uses water for literally every organ in your body. And if it's using every last drop of water that you have in your body to make it function, it's going to make you tired and feel like you can't keep going if you don't have enough in there to work. Much like a car running on gasoline. The amount of water that someone needs vary from person to person, so try to get at least half of your body weight in ounces every day.  Aim for that light yellow urine.

Water and hydration go hand in hand with eating nutritious foods.   Right now the world is obsessed with gluten-free everything, keto diets, and celery juice. There are definitely people who have intolerances to gluten, and I'm not telling you to stop your diets. I am going to tell you that carbs give you energy. Carbs are what your body uses to break down and make into energy and they are good for you if you can eat them. Be smart about the kind of carbs you're putting in your body, but don't be so scared of them that you don't eat them at all. Not just what we eat, but how much or how often we eat. This is another thing that people like to jump on the fads with. The thing is, there IS NO BEST DIET. Do what works for you! That's the answer. If you feel like you need a little extra snack in the afternoon, go ahead, just be sure to make smart choices with that snack. Don't reach for the candy or the cookies. Try some nuts or fruit instead.

Exercise! You might think that exercising makes you more tired, but the truth is, it boosts your energy! It gets your blood flowing and your heart rate up and it releases those wonderful endorphins that you always hear about! If you are feeling a slump coming on, get some kind of exercise. It doesn't have to be a long workout. Some push-ups and jumping jacks or a walk will do great things for you!

What do you do when you need some extra energy?


  1. This blog post came at the perfect time! I was dealing with major fatigue last week. Luckily I'm feeling better this week but I was thinking of ways to boost my energy. I'm going to do a better job at making sure I am hydrated throughout the day.

    1. I'm so glad it helped. That's the thing I've been working on lately too! Have a great day!

  2. I am a horrible sleeper. I’m even worse at drinking water.

    When I am tired I go for a run. It always gives me more energy.

    1. I'm not good at drinking water either! Have you tried Hint water? It's what I drink when I am having a hard time getting water in.

  3. Somehow completely exhausting myself while exercising does seem to give me more energy too!

  4. This couldn't have come at a better time as I am trying to break my SPARK habit. Thank you!

  5. I feel like if I just keep pushing, I am able to keep my energy up. I also don't feel like I crash after caffeine. I'm not a big sleeper and I do struggle with keeping myself properly hydrated, but time just marches on so I have to keep up.