Friday, March 22, 2019

Fast Friday x 2

Since we have been having computer issues I didn't get to do a fast Friday post for last week, so this week's Fast Friday is a combination of things over the last two weeks :).

It's been warming up so we have been spending a lot of time outside.

And when it does rain/snow, J has been pretty insistent that she takes her umbrella to school. 

The other day I went down in our basement/crawlspace to find something and I heard V yell "Mom, grab on! I help you!" I looked over and saw that he had thrown me a rope to help me get out haha. That kid! 

While doing some spring cleaning, I found my old Gameboy Color and it still works great. So that's been entertaining. 

We have been doing more family night stuff lately and one of the things we talked about was working together. We had each kid try to roll Trevon over on their own and when no one could do it we had all three of them work together to roll him over. We love it when our lessons are easy to plan with these kinds of activities. 

V has never been a big book reader so it was a big deal when he sat down and let me read with him for an hour the other night. 

We've been eating a lot of these breakfast sandwiches lately and loving them.  We use the pre-cooked sausage from Costco to make it super easy. 

For Christmas Trevon got me a whole bunch of Sistema Tupperware.  It's awesome stuff. I love this one because it can fit a whole meal in and at warming food up with Sistema makes the taste and texture super fresh like it's the first time you cooked it. So anytime we have leftovers from dinner, it gets put in this and I have it for lunch the next day. 

We got to go over to my parent's house for a little while the other day and M just sat and played with these little animals for a while. It reminded me of what an awesome imagination this girl has! 

Then we spent more time outside because when it's 60 degrees outside you stay outside. 

My workouts the last couple of weeks looked something like this:

Saturdays --> outside running

Sundays --> Rest

Mondays --> Rest

Tuesdays --> Strength training 

Wednesdays--> foam rolling

Thursdays --> running and upper body workout

Fridays --> Rest

Getting closer to the start of training and I've been feeling a little better every time I run.  My IT band gets tight when I run outside but after foam rolling it feels better. All good signs! 

Do you normally have leftovers from dinner?

Is it warming up in your area?

How is your training going, or have you started yet?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Early Results From Working Out Consistently and Why I Love It.

I get asked ALL THE TIME why I love working out. People who workout would understand all of my reasons pretty easily, and would probably agree, that the best thing about working out is that when I workout, I get results. I don't ever track my weight or how much body fat I have or anything like that, but my results come from the progress I make in my running and the way I feel when I workout.  Some people get discouraged because they can't see results (they are focusing only on the main goal) and they decide it's not worth the work. But what they don't see is that their body actually is changing, from day one, when they workout.

After a workout, your body sends out hormones and chemicals. These give you more energy, better attention and focus, and a happier outlook or feeling. That last one is one of my favorite things about working out and one of the biggest reasons I (and a lot of others) do it.

Working out helps me stay healthy and strong and, to me, the work is definitely worth that. I have a history of muscular dystrophy in my family and while I don't know if I carry that gene (I hope and pray I don't) but if I do, keeping my body strong by working out is one of the best ways to make sure that I stay as healthy and strong as possible. After just a week of working out, your body starts to adapt.  Your cells that create energy (remember the Mighty Mitochondria) work with your blood cells to help move oxygen to your muscles. That helps you feel like the weight you're lifting or the number of reps you've been doing not feel as hard as it was when you started. Every movement becomes more efficient. You will probably also have a decrease in resting heart rate which means your heart is getting stronger too.

Another reason I love working out is that it boosts my energy (I've talked about this before). When you workout, you sleep better which will give you more energy for the next day. You will also find that you feel way more productive after a good workout and you'll start getting excited about your next workout.

Along with an energy boost, it also boosts your mood (I've also talked about this a lot).   Those endorphins that we talked about earlier are more noticeable the more you workout. Not only am I happier and more playful with my kids when I workout, but I'm also calmer in stressful situations. And I can tell you that my whole family is thankful for a momma who's been on a run.

If you're someone who wonders why people workout because every time you start a new program you don't ever see results, don't feel discouraged.  Look at the other results that you've seen and not just the physical ones. It's much more likely for you to keep at it when you see those other results first anyway.  Finding something that you like about working out is the key to keep at it long enough to see the physical changes that you're hoping for.

What are the first effects you feel from a new workout program?

What do you love most about working out?

Monday, March 18, 2019

What to Know Before You Start Your Next Training Cycle

So it's time again to start a new training cycle. If you're in the same boat, or if you're starting your first ever training cycle, this post is for you. I'm sharing today the things that I learn/remember every time I start a new training cycle.

All training cycles are different. They vary from the distance of the race, your goal, and each person who's running them.  There are literally thousands of training plans out there for every single race and almost none of them are one size fits all.  Find the one that seems to work best for you, do your research, make sure you're not paying someone who isn't a coach or trainer for a plan that worked for them a couple of years ago.  Find a plan from someone you trust and make any adjustments you feel like you need to make it work for you.

Training almost never goes exactly as planned. So instead of planning out every step of the way, be flexible when you need to.  Your plan may call for a long run on a day that you just know there is no way you will fit it in. It's ok to switch your days around as long as you're making sure to get the rest days you need.

Take your training seriously. If you want to do well in your race, you need to train like it.  You can't expect to get a PR, or meet your goal time if you only half trained for your race. So make sure that you're putting the right effort into your training. There are going to be days that you don't hit your paces, there might even be days you don't feel like running at all. Give yourself some grace on those days but don't let it turn into a way for your training.

Give yourself the right amount of time to train. I don't have time in my day to train for a full marathon right now, it's not my top priority and I can't fit it in with family life right now, so I don't train for the marathon. I train for half marathons, 10ks and 5ks because the time it takes daily is more doable for me. Along with that, you need to make sure you start training far enough in advance.  The amount of time will also depend on the length of the race, and the training cycle.  Start far enough ahead of the race that you'll have a little wiggle room but not too far so that you overtrained and end up injured.

Strength training/cross training days are a must. A lot of runners don't think that strength training is important to their running, but it is so important! Adding strength training to your cycle helps you build stronger muscles (obviously) that will help you stay injury free. Strength/cross training also gives your body a break from running and helps your body recover faster. Not to mention that having strong core muscles help with running form.

Have fun! You signed up for the race, it was a choice you had. You GET to run, you don't HAVE to. So enjoy it! Put some music on to run/jam out to.  Run with a friend.  Do whatever it is that you need to do to make it fun. There is nothing that says you have to look mad when you run, and there's science that says that when you smile while running you actually do better! So have fun.

Are you running your first race?

What is your favorite race to train for?

When is your next training cycle?

Monday, March 11, 2019

Computer issues

Hey everyone,

This post is super quick and simple. Our computer had to get some fixing done on it so the post I had planned for today will be posted as soon as I get it back!

Have a fantastic Monday!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Fast Friday

Welcome to the weekend. We have had one really rainy week here. So that means not too many exciting things to share but I'll share some of the things we did anyway.

Last weekend started out with a treadmill run.

Trevon wasn't feeling great so he did a lot of resting, the kids did a lot of relaxing and I spent some time at my moms and running errands.

I wanted to share this little drawing pad that my girls got for Christmas because they have been really great for church.  I'm sure they would also be awesome for long car rides. J drew this picture of the part on Wreck-It Ralph two when he's feeding the bunny all the pancakes.

M has been working on her braiding skills lately, she practices braiding her puppy's ears.

The other day we needed to go to Costco. V was not happy about it but was more ok with it since I let him bring his umbrella.  We got to Costco and realized that I forgot my whole wallet at home (smh). So we just went on with our day instead and had to go back the next day.

While I got some work done yesterday, V made this little balance beam obstacle course and it kept him entertained for a while.

Then M decided to give it a try. I love when they find free ways to entertain themselves without technology!

Here were my workouts for the week:

Saturday: Treadmill run

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Strength training

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 3 miles

What are you doing this weekend?

When was the last time you forgot your wallet?

Has it been warming up in your area?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

How to Save Money on Race Entries

You always hear people say that they run because it's cheaper than therapy. I think that's only partially true, especially if you're someone who likes racing. Races are so exciting and fun and motivating, but sometimes races can be so expensive. For someone that is as frugal as I am, it makes it hard to do more than one race a year. And since the racing season is among us, I'm sharing a couple of ways to help you be able to afford racing more often (because we all love races).

Early Registration

The easiest way to save money on a race that you want to do is to sign up for the races as early as possible. The closer you are to the day of your race, the more expensive it is. Most races offer early-bird pricing for those who sign up early and in some cases, you can sign up as early as a year in advance.

Join a Running Club

Join a local running club or group. A lot of times races will allow a team discount for those who are in a running club or group that have several people who are planning on signing up for the race. But local running clubs are great for more than just the race discount. It's an awesome way to make friends, ask your running questions, and get some good group runs in together.

Follow the Race

Follow the race on Facebook. Some races have facebook or Instagram pages that they will share discount codes on every now and then.  It's also a great way to get in touch with the race directors and to ask your questions about race day.

Get a Sponsor

If you're a pretty good runner you can reach out to certain running gear companies and see if they will sponsor you in your race for wearing or using their gear. I've never done this personally but I'd love to give it a try!


A lot of races will offer a free race entry for the following year (or another race in their series) if you volunteer for one of their races. As a teenager, I volunteered at a lot of races and loved it mostly because I really loved the atmosphere. Trevon also volunteered a few years ago for a Spartan race and was able to run the Spartan race the next year. It saves money, it's a fun experience and you're helping someone out so everyone wins.

Ask for it

Do you ever get asked what you want for your birthday or for Christmas and not have any ideas? Now you do, ask for a race entry to a race you're really looking forward to! Someone else will pay for it and you don't end up getting something random that you'll never use.

Racing is a fun experience and it doesn't have to always be expensive!

When is your next race?

Have you ever gotten in a race for free?

How many races do you do in a year?

Monday, March 4, 2019

What To Do if You Are Sick on Race Day

Someone asked the other day if you should still plan on racing if you get sick. I think this happens more than most people would think. In fact, it happened to me just the other day. Not with a race but I was too sick to workout and ended up with extra rest days. It's pretty common since we've done the training and then during taper week our bodies seem to give in to sickness easier and then you end up sick right before race day.  I'm not a doctor or a coach, and it's always best to check with them in this kind of situation. But I'm happy to share what I've learned from my 20 plus years of running experience. So should you still race?

The first thing to do is figure check the symptoms to make sure if you're ok to run. If you're sick enough to go to the dr, you're probably too sick to run. Also, if your sickness is below the neck (stomach problems, chest congestion, fevers, or achy muscles) it's not best to run but you'd benefit more from sitting this one out. If you have a sore throat, a cold, or a runny nose, running is ok and may even help you get better faster.

Once you've decided if what you have is ok to run with, decide how bad do you really feel? If you feel sick and tired and you truly don't want to run, then it's not going to be worth running. If you feel like you're sick, or you're recovering from being sick, or you might be getting something but you feel enough energy to run, then go for it! Just know that racing while you're sick probably means that you won't do as good in your race as you expect or hope.

How long have you been sick? Most illnesses only last a couple of days. If your race is coming up and you feel like you're coming down with something, get some rest, stay hydrated, eat good foods and take the time off from training.  Your miles are already in the bank. Running those runs won't add anything extra to your training at this point and you may even benefit more from taking a few days off and running on rested legs than to do those workouts and wear yourself down even more.

 If my race was a lot of money, and I was too sick to run the race, I would definitely contact the race director and ask if you can defer the entry to another race or if you can transfer the entry to someone you know who would like to run it and then sell them the race bib. Racing can be so expensive and seriously, I'd be racing a lot more often if it wasn't that expensive, so especially if I spent a lot of money on the race I'd try to get my money's worth, or I'd do what I can to race it.

If you do decide to race, try to enjoy it and take in the scenery. You probably won't be PRing or winning this time, but you can enjoy the workout and the atmosphere of the race. Take the race easy, and have fun!

Have you ever been sick on race day?

What is your first sign that you're too sick to run or race? 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Fast Friday

Hello, Happy Friday! This week seems a little like a blur to me because I got sick with a cold and spent most of my time laying down somewhere. But here are some other things that we did.

Last weekend Trevon and I got a date night.

I skipped out on a run on Saturday and read instead.

We went to a friends house and V loved jumping on their indoor trampoline.

On Monday I played restaurant with M and V.

We also played a lot of games this week. That was nice because it allowed me to still be resting while we played.

We did a fun activity for family night. The kids made houses out of marshmallows and toothpicks and we put them on a strong foundation of rocks or a weak foundation of brown sugar (representing sand) and watched what happened if our foundations aren't on solid ground. Also, J always has her coat on. She won't take it off.

It warmed up some this week and we were able to spend a little time outside. I hope it stays warm now.

Yesterday I was finally feeling better and really needed a good run. So I got up and went to the clubhouse. I had a side ache the whole time but I felt so good otherwise and I can't wait to start training again soon!

Speaking of training, my first race of the year will be the AF 10k in June!

My workouts looked like this:

Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Run

How was your week?

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Some of my Favorite Speed Workouts on the Treadmill

Although spring is coming, it's still winter, and really cold, here. Because of that a lot of my workouts are still on the treadmill. One of the questions I hear a lot is people wondering what my favorite speed workouts are for the treadmill. So today I'm sharing a few with you!

There are so many options when it comes to speed. And doing speed work on the treadmill makes the treadmill time seem faster and more entertaining. So I actually really like doing speed work on the treadmill (although any run outside is far better for me). Here are some of the speed workouts I do on the treadmill.

Remember, while you're doing speed work that your pace is personal to you. That is why I didn't add a certain level on any of these workouts. Your tempo pace will be different from my tempo pace, your speed pace is personal to you! If you need a gage or an idea of where to start, your warm-up pace should be somewhere between a 5 and a 6, tempo speed should be around a 7, sprinting can be anything above your tempo pace. It's all depending on what level you are at. If you start there and it seems too fast for a warm-up, slow down. Remember that this is your workout and you are allowed to modify up or down according to what you need. 

Do you have a favorite speed workout?

Do you prefer running on the treadmill or outside for speed?

Monday, February 25, 2019

5 Steps to Create Good Habits and Achieve Your Goals

Let's talk about good habits. Just about everyone you know has been working on resolutions they made at the beginning of the year, maybe some of them have already forgotten their resolutions and goals, and how are you doing?  So much of goal setting has to do with creating healthy habits and it's something that seems to get overlooked quite often.

You often hear that a goal without a plan is just a wish, but I'd like to add that a goal without good habits is just a dream. Most of our goals start as wishes and dreams but they don't become much more than that without a plan to make healthy, good habits to make them a reality.  That goes for every kind of goal out there. Money goals need a good habit of saving, Health goals need a good habit of healthy eating and activity, Goals to start a business require good habits with discipline and time management. If you don't create those good habits, the goals will remain goals instead of reality.

So pick a goal that you want to work on and go through these steps to help you create the healthy habits you'll need to meet that goal.

1. Decide what the most important part of your goal is. For example, if I wanted to make a goal to save money to buy a house the most important part of that goal would be to stop spending so much money.

 If my goal was to run a half marathon, the most important part of that goal would be to work on my endurance running. And so on...

2. Create a plan to help you work on that one most important part of your goal. If I'm trying to save money, then I need to look through my budget and see what I can cut back on. Is there a subscription that isn't needed? A monthly Target run that isn't necessary (because, honestly who spends less money at Target, even though their prices are cheaper than other stores)?

For an endurance run, I would need to look at my calendar and decide what days would allow the best time for my running schedule.

3. Write it down. This is extremely helpful for any kind of goal. When you write it down it seems more real and more solid. But for this step, you need to write more than just your goal down. Write down your plan of attack on each goal. For saving money I'm going to write down how much money I want to save, what areas I can cut back my spending in, and where I'm going to put that extra money (like in a different savings account) so that it doesn't get spent somewhere else.

For running, I'm going to write down my goal mileage, the date of my race, how many times a week I'm going to be running, and schedule out my runs so that I'm making sure to get enough rest days and cross-training days in to not be injured.

4. Give yourself reminders for when you forget or have the impulse to fall back into your regular habit. Reminders, or triggers, to help you do better are the best because it's a visual reminder right in front of you that you're working for something. It can give you more drive when you're feeling discouraged.  If my goal was to save money, taping a picture of my dream house on my bathroom mirror so that I see it every morning might be enough. Maybe putting a picture in my wallet in front of where my credit card goes so that I see it every time I go to buy something I'll ask myself if what I'm getting is really worth it. Maybe using cash instead of a card will help me feel like I'm spending more and trigger me to save more instead of giving that extra  $5 up on a Swig cookie or something else that is an impulse buy.

For a running goal, a good visual is to write your goal time down on a piece of paper and put it on your alarm clock so that every time you go to push the snooze button, you'll remember that your goal and get out of bed.

Other reminders that work are putting motivational quotes up in random places at your house or in your car, setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to save, or run or do whatever that good habit would be to achieve your goal, and keeping track of your progress can help you feel more confident and believe more in yourself.

5. Surround yourself with people who are on board, and supportive of your goal. Nothing can kill motivation faster than being around people who don't believe in you. This step is huge when it comes to keeping yourself on track with your goal and creating good habits. It doesn't matter what goal you're focusing on if you spend your time with positive, supportive people you are more likely to achieve the goals you're aiming for.

With these 5 steps to creating good habits, goal setting and achieving become much easier! You'll feel way more confident going into any goal with these steps and a good plan of action. Write things down, tell those who support you to help you stay accountable and you'll achieve great things!

What goals are you working on this year?

What is something that always makes you stop working on your goal?

Friday, February 22, 2019

Fast Friday

Hello, weekend. I am so ready for a weekend this week. We had a short week for school and maybe that threw us off, but I feel like I had a hard week! Anyone else? Here are some of the things we did.

Last Friday was a pretty nice day (we still needed coats because the wind was blowing but it was 50 degrees) so we spent the afternoon at the park. V had a good time lining rocks up and jumping off the playground while the other kids played.

Saturday got cold again and even snowed a little. I ran on the treadmill but then I saw that the sun was shining so I ran outside for a minute and took some pictures.

My feet were cold all day on Sunday so when we got home from church I put them in the sink with some hot water. Does anyone else do that when they are cold?

The kids were out of school on Monday so we spent the morning cleaning the house. They did awesome with cleaning and there was hardly any whining! (It only lasted through that morning).

So once everything was done, we went swimming at our swimming pool with the cousins.

Tuesday morning was spent running all of our errands. And then we went to the library for the afternoon. I got THIS book and am loving it so far! By bedtime, we were all ready to sleep. V insisted on sleeping with his pop gun.

Wednesday V and I went back to Costco because we needed to take something back so we got this huge thing of sour cream (honestly we usually get this huge thing of sour cream because J has a thing for sour cream and we go through it pretty fast) and then after dinner it didn't get put back in the fridge so it went bad.

We also stopped by Trader Joes because I've heard that I needed to try their green beans so I grabbed some, and some flowers too.

Thursday started out with a run that made my knee a little mad. After icing it and stretching it started feeling better but it was kind of a bummer with the progress I was feeling. Then the rest of the day was a blur of fighting with a toddler and cleaning messes. It's just the phase I'm in. It's fine.

V refused to wear clothes so we dropped M off in his diaper and when we got home he told me he was cold, go figure.

Here were my workouts this week:

Saturday: 2 miles on the treadmill that felt really good physically but mentally were really just hard.

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Full body workout

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 2 miles on the treadmill again.

Hopefully, soon it will warm up again and I will be running more frequently outside (as long as my knee keeps getting better)

Who has a question for me? I'm happy to answer!

What are your plans for the weekend?

What was your favorite workout last week?