Monday, December 31, 2018

Making Speed Workouts More Fun

Speed workouts are a necessity to get faster, but sometimes they aren't always fun and most people dread them.  So how do you start to like them, or at least dread them less? Here are a few ways I've started liking speed workouts.

First, recognizing that speed workouts are the way to get to be a better, faster runner.  The way we reach our race day goals and PR is through those speed workouts. Keep that in mind when you start dreading speed days.

Mix things up with different kinds of speed. It's not always fun to run around a track or to run on the treadmill for speed. Thankfully there are so many different ways to do speed work so we can keep things interesting!

When I'm in the middle of a speed workout and start thinking of how much I'm hating it, I start playing games with myself. I make little goals and hold a pace for just a little longer than last time. I try to see if I can hit an even faster pace each interval. I try to match my cadence with the beat of a song.

Do speed work with a friend. Everything is more fun with someone else. Try racing each other, or taking turns keeping up with each other. One of my favorite speed workouts is what we used to call Indian runs (I'm sure there's a more politically correct name for it but that's how I grew up knowing it so deal with it) where you run in a line, and the person in the back sprints to the front and sets a pace. Everyone in line does that over and over.

Make your breaks, during speed workouts, breaks. Let yourself walk a little and take some deep breaths so you're able to do it again. 

There are a lot of reasons I started liking speed workouts and you can too! Don't let speed work scare you or bore you anymore!

What is your favorite way to do speed?

What is your least favorite thing about speed work?


  1. Perfect post for me. I never do any speed workouts other than running a short race. But I know that they are valuable.

  2. I like doing speed workouts but need to work them in more as of late. I like to do progression runs and also runs where you add in a minute burst every 5 minutes or so.

    1. I like progression runs too. And I like the idea of 1 burst every 5 minutes! I've never done that before.

  3. So bad at this... never do more than a few sprints at a time. I do like it when I do though!

  4. I agree everything is more fun with friends even the dreaded speed work!

  5. I think my favorite speedwork is either hill repeats or intervals.

  6. I've never really done any speed work so these are all such helpful hints for me. I definitely want to incorporating these types of workouts into my training. Thanks for the great post!

  7. I love speedwork - I think I love the endorphins. I haven't done track workouts since I started going to Orange Theory, but I do enjoy them.

  8. Great tips! I miss doing speed work and can't wait to get back to it later next year. Happy New Year!

  9. I hate speed work because I'm just not built for speed. When I do train, I try to do hill repeats or distance sprints, but it never goes quite as well as I would like it to. :/